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Messier for Elmore
Posted: 31 March 2010 05:03 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 121 ]
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I hear you, man. What do you think of EL’s obsession with female pubic hair?


A shiny brown lowrider dachshund named Swifty

Posted: 12 June 2010 01:35 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 122 ]
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ok gang
speaking of the
maturation of the
corporate persona
I’m still reading dogs,
labrava, looking forward
getting the hot kid out soon
still reading mr paradise truth
be known trying to remember
the solution to the puzzle of
the maze of boxed sets &
failing that enjoying
djones djokes
hot kid happily
spotted list at front
a coyotes in the house
refresh my memory
bed time stories
great grandpa
elmore lion
a coyote’s in the house 2004
another racial dialog
some bedtime story
finished cutting
tees & lunch
retired to
for nap
before 2:30
t time picked up
when the women come out to dance
read sparks snored apparently played
the round with the image of a coyote
on fire running through the hills
hollywood the man the woman
sparks former member
the bomb squad sees
antwan speaks
la raza truly
a coyote’s in the house
a conversation with
humanity gone
to the dogs
the hot kid
help robb help
waiting for djbouti
to djell djones djuxta
mr. paradise coyotes hot kid
starts with a racial perspective
Carlos the death of two men then
Jack Belmont and “the"dad!!!!!!
man I’m havin fun like swifty
lazar agent to the stars
seriously dauchund
but fun to watch
speaking of
Elvis impersonatin cooyotees howlin
You ain’t nothing but a hound dog
Cryin all the time ya ain’t never
Caught a rabbit crossed a
Junkyard fenced pit bull
True love & blood
The enemies of
Right vast
Realm of
A coyote was in the house
Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful
The return of the slime creatures

Posted: 28 December 2010 07:44 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 123 ]
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reading comfort to the enemy
on a new monitor quickly
beautiful continuation
weekly segments
hot kids
picked up a redundant copy
freaky deaky from library
science man fits pattern
reading it again quickly
finished road dogs &
la brava it seems
clear now like a
window to the
world of life
in detroit
greta & chris in bed with dad
camille and robert taylor
tutti and frankie bones
lt. wendle robertson
an historic person
c. raymond cruz
tightly wound
love stories
sex dance
the law
the hot kid 2005
grows out of cuba libre
which grew out of gunsights
grows out of the law at randado
the mature Elmore a bit of history
Oklahoma clan here a sea going Marine
blown off the deck of the U.S. Maine Havana
the Spanish American War and one of the stars
Cuba Libre, pecan farmer and oil millionaire
Virgil Webster’s own hot kid Carlos
shoots his first man at 15
finds happiness
U.S. Marshals Service
chasing after other hot kids
Jack Belmont’s parallel story
rich kid gone bad and Pretty Boy
Floyd and his contemporaries.
The love stories of gangsters
hookers and lawmen too
Dutch’s gift to us
lovers of true love
the appearance
Jay McShann
There are some moments that can not be described
have to be read to be appreciated,
Carl’s visit to Jack’s mother
Jack’s interaction with his father’s mistress,
the way he kills her softly,
the family’s ride to town
to see Manhattan Melodies,
the last flick John Dillinger saw
before he was killed by the FBI
exiting an icy cool theatre
on a scorching hot
summer day
with the Dust Bowl howling behind them.
A seamless tale of Americana,
more fun than a barrel
monkeys, that is
a studied tale of manners
like Tishomingo Blues
got my hands on Djibouti
dedicated to mike lupica
rereading is much concerned
as video clips trimmed
flickering scenes
magic lantern images
exploits in making
movies move dara barr
first contemporary setting
since mr. paradise where
kelly barr held centre stage
do you think they are related?
new orleans connections
red hair freckled face
helene loved jack delaney
she was looking for rich man
billy wynn serious comic
oilman from oklahoma
epicycles return
billy calls her

Posted: 30 December 2010 09:08 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 124 ]
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when i look at slater’s posts i see noses, lips, chins
they are kinda fun to read, too
saving djibouti for the rainy season
neck deep in david mitchell’s the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet
up next is johathan franzen’s freedom

Posted: 31 December 2010 05:11 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 125 ]
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i see noses, lips, chins

scrum old pal
at last someone sees
something real in my peckings
the visualizations received at the
hand of the master, they leap out
carved from conflct fear, what jobs
decipher the code to understand,
editing and publication
a dance teacher
happy new year

Posted: 12 January 2011 06:47 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 126 ]
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not that hard to get
boy meets girl with head
the heart follows because
motivations throbbing in the ear
hot kid and freaky deaky big bounce
road dogs and la brava too
racial dialog
book of negros
shaped by the same forces
israeli jew and arab too
sudaneese seperation
at the crossroads
where is the
obvious if you are john
johan or even ivan
jack on the other
hand xaviar by
any other ba
ob one can
so close to the answer
asked for & desired
a moment of
seen clear
logical & true
finally satisfied
fed the milk of reality
human kindness
comfort to the enemy
a strange problem for this published list of elmore stories
cyberspace cowboys from na’leens francis xavier
seeking bobby leary not strung out on the bounce
some of the purest el writing comes these revisitations
descriptive prose poetry with a laugh and a sigh
benny keeping time with mr majestic’s uncle
walter the buther elected justice of the peace
raking the beach with imaginary gunfire
kidstuff fer sure fun yes yet hidden
a peaceful voice secure at home
the final scene is perfect
it’s brevity profound
djibouti renown
the big bounce
bang shot

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Posted: 11 April 2011 02:18 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 127 ]
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so here’s the deal
I’d read hot kid with cuba libre
comfort to the enemy
the computer always weird
back to a real book
up in honey’s room
felt like one of the family
it was fun rereading
road dogs la brava outasight
djbouti at the end alright
it didn’t feel right somehow
there is another think coming
i’m rereading the whole thread
I know there are the five westerns missing
trying to figure a way for greg to restore them
uk publication of comfort falls into my hands
wow what a trip a real book with a start
whoa I pick up hot kid again as tho
yes what is this name changing?
Who why what the skeet
emmet long becomes
frank miller fine
crystal lee
skeet still gets shot in the back
like norm does for heidi
speaking of honey
what were they thinking
I see london I see france
where does that come
from where?
the pleasure in the reading remains
having four books on the go has become a habit
something about genius being
how the music of the time
recurrs in the telling
robert johnson
indeed yes
still working on lining up
gunsights hot kid knowing
the law at randado
cuba libra
dana moon
phil sundeen
civil war vets

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Posted: 04 February 2012 09:58 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 128 ]
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it’s winter here in canada
global warming is ours
djibouti djonesnnnn
all my old friends
work progress
melting ice


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