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Messier for Elmore
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Djones are you from Djibouti?
Robert Gee in Pronto served
bulk of his tour
french foreign legion
just started riding the rap
a rare sequel
wrestle the gator
Dale Crowe Jr’s
return to Palm Beach County
U.S. Deputy Marshal
Ray Givens
how’s that for a white hat?
Sets up his opponent
shoots him three times
rum punch 1992
Jade get a kick out of this
louis gara
just back
less four years
for helping
into van
Louis and Ordell
keep on cruising
racial balance
the effects of jailing
Max, his wife
Jackie sitting on the balcony ,
her three husbands
each falling to his death
Simone sings
part of this story
so folded
did Quentin Tarantino get
rum punch
did he forget what love looks like
Rarely do I start talking about an Elmore Leonard novel from the ending
it happens
Avoiding a special trap that would have us plummeting to earth from a high place
we work our way
down the lines of figures
add them
subtract them
multiply and divide,
subject them to strenuous
efforts to perfect the perfectible
the end still comes out the same.
Boy meets girl
falls in love
helps her out of a jam.
“He’s got a gun”
shots fired,
they go
how does QT miss that?
What’s the meaning of this? 
QT sees Louis as being a hardened jailbird,
spending more than half his life in lockup
the truth has him taking a few falls,
a sixth almost
mainly for a dame,
who could control himself
yet he does
still fails
still a beautiful guy

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finished out of sight
started cuba libre
a departure from detroit florida axis
louisiana arizona
old west connective threads
Pronto 1993
south florida
elmore at sixty eight
harry arno at sixty five
orange skin
kills earl crowe
in the parking lot
with a sawed off
gold coast
la brava
I wonder at
photographs hanging
harry’s wall
Maurice Zola’s wall
That actress
Raylan Givens
the hunted
Harlen County Kentucky
Coal miner’s hands
another waylon jennings fan
Raylan came to Washington Avenue and turned left to park across the street from
the Art Deco police headquarters, which Raylan thought of as some kind of religious temple
with its round front rising up four stories.
Crossing the street he was about run over by a girl with long blond hair riding a bicycle.
There were all kinds of girls around here with long blond hair, long black hair;
he had seen some on motorized skateboards
cutting through crowds on Ocean Drive.
South Beach was not too much like Brunswick, Georgia.
Inside, the lobby rose three floors wide open
to show railings and rows of office windows
up there.
It was a modern new building, the holding cells with aluminum toilets,
a sally port around on the side street where they brought in prisoners.
Raylan approached the information counter and told the officer there he’d like to see Sergeant Torres and gave his name.
If you went in the holding-cell area you had to surrender your weapon.
It was the cleanest city jail Raylan had ever seen in his life.
Up on the wall here they had an American flag framed in behind glass.

going to italy
bringin em back
poetry of pound
mafia mayhem
There were not too many visitors, a few civilians waiting around.
Maybe a witness asked to come down and look at a lineup.
A woman asking if this was where her husband was being held.
Buck Torres had come out of a doorway and was already crossing the lobby when Raylan saw him.
Torres holding what looked like a computer printout sheet.
He also seemed like he had something to tell, but was going to let his visitor go first.

civil authority
“I’d like to speak to you,” Raylan said, “about Harry’s friend Joyce Patton.
I know you think she knows where he is, as do others.
You know what I mean? Like Jimmy Cap, and that’s a problem I see facing us.”
One thing, he could talk to Torres, Torres never giving him the feeling he was wasting his time.
“We know where he is,” Torres said.
It stopped Raylan, coming like that.
“He went from Joe’s Stone Crab to Miami International,
got on a British Airways flight at seven-fifteen,
and landed at Heathrow the next morning, Wednesday, November fourth, at eight-thirty.”
Raylan said, “Harry’s in England?” squinting at Torres. “Wait a minute, you took his passport.”
“That’s why we didn’t check international flights right away,” Torres said.
“Soon as we did we find out a man named John Arnaud, A-r-n-a-u-d,
booked the British Airway flight through a travel agent on Lincoln Road.
We show the travel agent Harry’s picture and he says yeah, that’s John Arnaud, a customer he’d had for years.

i wonder if elmore ever used a travel agent in windsor
They were in the kitchen now, 6:30 A.M., cleaning weapons:
the two pistols Raylan had taken off Nicky and the Italian guy,
his own revolvers, Robert Gee’s Browning auto,
his pump-action Remington,
and the Beretta he’d gotten for Harry who kept leaving it, Robert Gee said, anyplace he sat down.
They talked about serving in the military as they adapted to one another,
Raylan learning you could use a made-up name in the French Foreign Legion,
but they sent your prints to Interpol and if you were wanted anywhere they threw you out.
This was at Aubagne near Marseilles before they sent you to Corsica for sixteen weeks of basic training.
“Running your ass all over the countryside.”
Raylan asked was it as tough as Marine boot camp, as seen in the movie Full Metal Jacket and he had experienced.
Robert Gee said it was like that only worse, ‘cause they said all that bullshit to you in French.
The officers and most of the guys being French, the rest East Germans, Portuguese, Spanish, Yugoslav, hardly any brothers.
He said they didn’t wear those hats with the hankies to keep the sun off your neck or shoot Arabs anymore.
“You see Beau Geste? You wonder now why they were shooting those Arabs, huh?
From the fort waaay out in the middle of the desert, nobody even living around there?”
He said if you used your real name and could prove it, they’d let you become a French citizen when you got out.
Robert Gee told them no thanks.
He had been in the U.S. Army and served a tour in Vietnam
while Raylan spent his Marine hitch at Parris Island on the rifle range, instructing.
Robert Gee did five years in the Foreign Legion in Corsica and Djibouti
while Raylan was in South Georgia at the training academy.
Robert Gee, Raylan decided, knew how to soldier.
But could he shoot?

veteran robert g wiz
on how to wear hats
Riding the Rap   1995
South Florida
this one also opens with the disposition of a crowe
Federal US Marshal Raylan Givens on the trail of Ex Bookie Harry Arno
stylish in his small snappy cowboy hat and wingtip cowboy boots,
out of love for Joyce,
Harry’s ex girlfriend
tracks Harry kidnapped in the trunk
by rich mama’s boy Chip Ganz
his new low life underworld friends,
Louis Lewis a cool dude,
the Bahamian Arabian
Bobby “Deo the gardener” Deogracia ,
garden shears on his hip
like a revolver
for snipping off
the buds of rivals.
Buck Torres appears again as the inside man
still at police headquarters
we meet a Maryann Faithful look-alike,
one of those long haired girls
The Reverend Dawn,
mystic, clairvoyant, fortune-teller,
some bad dudes.
where are all the dogs now?
outa sight

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Every so often one has to stop
take notice of this sense of pleasure
from the moment I started reading cuba libre
I was drawn to read gunsights as well
carefully registering references one to the other
sweetmary arizona, dana moon, c.s. fly
red and ruben vega
finished cuba libre
pick up the tonto woman
the same story
ruben vega confesses
20,000 head of beeves
many women
all good
diego luz
Out of Sight 1996
Another criminal named Jack,
new orleans born bank robber Foley
uncle cully’s nephew jack
delaney also a cool guy
cully’s nephew jack
top pupil of young elmore
not a worker type,
cares about the deal
he’s given his ex,
another woman
named Adele,
he hits a bank in Miami
busted when the car won’t start,
impulse job,
film of the same name,
George Clooney and
Jennifer Lopez,
Stephen Soderbourg,
Ving Rymes playing red neck Buddy.
Inspector Raymond Cruz appears here in a small role
film deal hinges on a violent death
Not the first time the hero dies
not from anger and frustration
not from love or loss
perhaps old age overtakes
our ageless jack
a heartache
time to look back on the family of our young jack
how did it come to pass
that the future turns
toward the past
sweet sung
played in intimate mood set sail for cuba
in wafting breezes from new orleans
in florida looking west toward arizona
harry’s wall of photo’s
joe’s road from kc
back from detroit
st fransis
the leper
here I have to report the lack of a short story
between the tonto woman and the captives
similar to the lack of a film between
3:10 to yuma and the tall ten
my brain physically flipped
as I realized a respite
labrava project
killshot opens
be cool

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be cool dudes dudetes
in a zone now where
lines come at ya
still Tonto
Cuba Libre 1998
From the pages of gunsights
step into the rich history
those men and women
Elmore’s family
friends from
from the lepers
to St Francis Assisi
looking ahead now how
the review of up in honey’s room
where the quest for a true messier
reduced to small tasks on regular
schedules of normality
road dogs call
success be
cool be

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started reading pagan babies
page 8 Thomas is wearing a yellow t shirt
STONE COYOTES on the front ROCK WITH A TWANG on the back
At the rate I’m going now
should be able to finish
up in honey’s room
just as the time to
aquire road dogs
comes possible
Be Cool 1999
What a sequel should be,
how bizarre the movie made from it should bomb
Get Lost, the sequel of Get Leo , product of Get Shorty.
Fortunately amnesia plays no part of this tight tale of ideation,
action and romance in Hollywood’s other hot commodity, music.
Chilli Palmer is back as cool as ever and true love calls
to this man everyone knows is hooked up yet truth
be told is making it up as he goes
the fun is finding out what works
The cast of characters a combination of shady unsavory nasty and hard working industry types trying to get it done,
make a little money and have some fun. Raji is the heavy manic pimp on the make with everyone and everything,
jealous Napoleonic complex driven boss of strange Elliot Wilhelm, Samoan homosexual bodyguard from Torrance
who in spite of having killed before plays it smooth and becomes one of those amazing Dutch heroes integral
to the story development, which after all is what Chili is all about.
Just saw Be Cool the film and understand why it tanked,
trying so hard to be cool it shows Chili to be a dork
in some of the places we know he is cool,
busy being cool to really care about
anything but the thing he is doing,
able to direct the action if
needed toward the
outcome he
here all the characters are jammed together to suit the stars in the film,
finally Travolta gets to sleep with Uma Thurmond playing Edie Athens
widowed by the death of James Wood playing at Tommy Athens
and its no big deal, unlike Chili bedding the executive producer
Elaine is real cool passion that essence of love that repeats
be cool is such a fun read
the first nine chapters a
great murder mystery
then who done it
why movies
oh so many folds here
centrefold linda moon
vincent chili hawkeye
paul newman ivan
raji joe loop
be still my heart
time winds its weary way
through pain and age
we give up only to
be rewarded if
we are bold
clearly we see the inner desire of our heart
knowing we may act gives us hope there
yet fearsome dark lurks waiting ware
may we gather mark and dewey
name the place meet there

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right in the middle of
fire in the hole which is
right in the middle of
when the women come out to dance
which is not a novel and not really
part of this elmore time messier quest
yet I couldn’t hep mysef
back on the detroit new orleans axis
the wild west and posh florida too
dewey crowe and charley hoke
joe canavan freaky deaky’s
cory bowen once thru the mill
pagan babies and tishomingo blues
coming to a theatre near you

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Three Ku Klux Klan members arrested in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, September 1871, for the attempted murder of an entire family..jpg
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Okay okay okay
it has been a long time
have to admit that I’m stuck
A Coyote’s In the House
season has me nearing the end
Updike’s Bech Saga
man can he write,
Road Dogs is waiting
the library hold shelf
the sound of grandfather
Elmore’s urban wildlife voice
brings good sleep
Messier quest continues
Much later
still reading a Coyote at bedtime
thoroughly enjoying Road Dogs
on the back deck, toilet, front porch thunderstorm
beginning to see the transcendence of the sequel
where a Dutch universe exists in time space
where Detroit is not left to crumble
the postindustrial age ends
the green revolution begins.
A pack of wild urban dogs attack the course
in the pursuit of wealth and fame
Updike’s Golf Dreams
Pagan Babies 2000
Is his name really Terry Dunn
Hers Debbie Dewey
A split image of great clarity
Fr. Terry in Afreeca
his true self unveiled
truly slowly
he finds the love of his heart
anywhere he may be
Detroit boy of a particular character
Elmore anti heroes exhibit these very real traits
All the characters are in this way true to themselves
each a variation of people the author has worked with his whole life
everything is grist for the mill here
the mechanics of religion
are looked at in a setting
more real in the world
than most locations
Rwanda after the genocide
meet one of those heroines
court house by way of the big house
now honing a comic line
more real again than most
with an eye for timing and dialog
deliver suspense and drama
warmest human context,
falling in love for the first time again
Interesting juxta of crime figures and clergy
the true nature of individuals,
who they are and what they want to be
destiny and devotion

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Loved Golf Dreams, Son.
Just finished his Toward the End of Time.  Set in the year 2020, near Boston as the world recovers from the great Chinese-American war, a man deals with his aging body in retirement.  Lots of golf scenes and plenty of similarities to living in upstate New York on yard/home maintenance, but way too many references to flower and plant species I’ve never heard of.  And as usual Updike delivers a healthy dose of male libido-driven plot even while dude Turnbull recovers from prostate cancer. 
Quite a different style from Mr. Leonard’s, but as Son says, the man can write.

Just starting Road Dogs.  Trying to milk it, but having little success.

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like an hot knife through butter
will read it again in time of course
Toward the End of Time on hold
finished coyote’s ramble in hills
harry dean stanton saves pic
from wild dog director
into hot kid like hot knife

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needless to say
the hot kid
brings us
comfort to the enemy
a whole slew of modern day problems
sitting in front of a computer
dialog stories
bang the black guy shot down on the bridge
bang bang Carlos teaches the bullrider to shoot
speaking of bridges
Tishomingo Blues 2002
rich homage
the civil war
the blues,
that moment at the crossroads. 
great Indian chief from the north delta country of Mississippi
represents the uniquely American way of resolving disputes
bringing a realization
the ongoing struggles
The most telling scene in the story comes from two seeming peripheral players
Tonto Rey and Hector Diaz, Mezo- American mixed breeds standing silent guard,
the empty General Grant tent,
down from Detroit
to invest in criminal endeavors
ongoing in Tunica County Miss.
casino capital of the south.
The reality of these two
their choices in life
explain the real world
all the rebels out there
trying to live free,
ignore the crossroad at your own peril.
The mock battle of civil war reenactors
the focal plane to which the old master points us,
all the while describing the view from the edge,
80’ above a thirty foot diameter tank of water
depending upon your clarity of vision
like a half a dollar or a cup of tea.
The love story
typical Dutch treat
our hero touches many
possible mates before being
struck with the one
both right
sensual terms
story development.
Great quotes abound,
“No but I moan a lot when I make love”
“He’s back at your tent, fucking your wife”
not the truth you say,
take a look
The original lyrics are as follows:
First verse
Oh, Mississippi,
Oh, Mississippi,
My heart cries out for
You in sadness,
I want to be where
The wintry winds don’t blow,
Down where the southern
Moon swings low,
That’s where I want to go.
I’m goin’ to Tishomingo,
Because I’m sad today,
I wish to linger,
Way down old Dixie way.
Oh, my weary heart cries out in pain,
Oh, how I wish that I was back again,
With a race,
In a place,
Where they make you welcome all the time.
Way down in Mississippi,
Among the cypress trees,
They get you dippy,
With their strange melodies,
To resist temptation,
I just can’t refuse,
In Tishomingo
I wish to linger,
Where they play the weary blues.
Second verse
Tonight I’m prayin’,
Tonight I’m sayin’,
Oh Lord please take the
Train that takes me,
To Tishomingo,
‘Way down old Dixie way,:
Where southern folks are
Always gay,
That’s why you hear me say.

music explains it
Does anyone else see this story in the context of current events?
The Civil War is an event that defines the “nation”
the Crossroads in our hearts and minds
very much to do with who we are
what we want,
how we live
where we are from.
Here Dutch has transferred the Delta
from dirt road poor to “casino royal” with
all the spectacle needed to place it in the modern world
yet plays the theme of conflict on inner personal levels
male and female, boss and worker, hangman and hung,
simple and complex till the “good” guys win
the guy gets the girl
a mysterious spirit
allows the losers a place in the world,
left with their cultural values,
personal consumption,
while the rest of us
get on with the job
entertaining the troops
take five dave brubeck
now is the time to go in
get the son of a bitch
coordinate attack from all sides
don’t quit till the sob is on trial for his life
for all the world to see
ask Carlos Huntington Webster
Hi Charlie,
have you read TB again in the years since your trip
does it not get better, clearer and more important,
the meaning of the crossroad
the individual
the nation too?
I am struck by this phenomenon in Dutch’s writing,
the more you read the more layers you see ,
the older he gets the deeper he gets,
always a great story,
something so personal
read again the music
it played in my head
realized the power of cultural references
the context of these stories.
The one scene that really got me
the re-enactment
the two soldiers from Michigan
“guarding” “Grant’s” tent
turn the whole puzzle around
the simple truth of the matter
Finished Comfort
short sweet read
free from the computer
up in Honey’s Room
what now?
captured by nazis
the golf omnibus
reading for pleasure

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Teabaggers:  the new civil war re-enactors, but with real bullets in them thar guns…

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once I passed the sexual meaning of teabaggers
I got the cultural reference and it fits nicely
I’m struck by the parallels ‘tween
Obama and Lincoln
read DH Donald
honey deal

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funny thing happened whilst reading up in honey’s room
somehow asked, induced convinced to take the time and explain
by the detroitfreep what I meant by saying what I said about the sob
Without thinking, I used the more accurate form, “son of a bitch”
to describe the perpetrator of a heinous act and sent it
a subtle form of censorship perhaps self imposed
“bitch” was not acceptable and the entire post
was deleted so much for a free press subtle
thinking now of a poetic reality where
our sorrow is added to our despair
the case for peace bursts into
the room full of jazz sound
silence then silence and
peace turns each to
quiet and thought
soft song sung
time passes
I remember now the debt of gratitude on receiving a book
covered in truth I write
up in honey’s room
something true
what do you say?
is that not us?
you know it?

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When the Women Come Out to Dance 2002
I go back to first principles often with care hoping
at some point I will finish road dogs and there
another book in a long line of books ohmygod
at the moment I am reading road dogs and
La Brava, Women Dance & Mr. Paradise
seem all to go together look at women
see all these stories juxtaposed
a compendium of mythic time
cycles and lines hopes and
dreams story supreme
you got 24 hours to
get out of town ha
obama gave em
18 months
raylan givens and ben webster
women dancing tattooed faces
When the Women Come Out to Dance 2002
this seems to me to be the culmination of a juxta
don’t laugh and try to ignore the obvious truly
if you can see that connection between Harry
Maurice perhaps brothers to the son raylan
joe labrava a mystic homage to film star
Raylan risen from the dead yes brother
same as cundo rey phil sundeen tonto
chief charley hoke king of ball story
Raylan and Ben harlan county Ok
Temple of the cool and beautiful
the lamb on the road to knife
the wife alone needs kind
the enemy most hunted
still not official messier
ray nicolet’s uncle
merry Christmas
happy reading
makes sense

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Wefan Wyrd labyrinth.gif
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hey gang
been away on a history
reading obscure references
letters, documents and notes
mysteries, mistakes and manias
women dance’s givens’ harry labrava
cundo’s maurice takes pictures to hang
some nights having a chance to read
road dogs in the tub just before
the lights go out always
straight on messier
slowly to be sure
who takes pictures in road dogs?
who makes pictures in road dogs?
who stars hangs the dawn coming?
mr. paradise 2004
to the detroit police homicide section
frank and kelly glenn and jackie
val trabucci “all the help liked him ...nice young guy”
back at the begining point of view
character in story elements
random fate at work the
short shock of violence
reasons circumstance
emotional response
labyrinthine maze
ok I guess I’m going to stop here and remark on the lack of comment regarding the end of the last post
the maze goes by unremarked, not a peep, 53000 peepers, months go by and not a word from old
friends and foe alike silent
dead quiet the mystery
remains 75 pages in
“I was standing right there”
dearest to EL’s heart
dialog and persons of interest
racial interaction at crossroads
what was the secret to the formula
yes formula true why you ask necessary
twisting and turning finding a way survival
point of view character in story elements
carl and jerome in the same room each
making sense of pure gibberish funny
the thin blue line of legality colour
texture wary acceptance
“Stick around & you’ll make inspector the section was due for a…................
.................Kelly’s terrycloth robe that…..............see her face looking at him.”
A way of seeing prose poetry obtain perhaps a good result
directed anger and the rules of the game
personal hope individual desire
an actual problem solving
approach practical and
formulaic repeatable
great romance

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