Chick Killer -New Karen Sisco Short Story
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Just an FYI

Mr. Leonard will have a new Karen Sisco short story in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern #39.

Should be out sometime in November.

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Various things I just found:

Karen Sisco in Elmore Leonard’s “Chick Killer”

McSweeney’s Issue 39 offers a whole lot to behold—Elmore Leonard’s latest Karen Sisco caper . . .

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The man just doesn’t stop.

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I found some more . . .


Chick Killer: exclusive short story by Elmore Leonard

To celebrate the CWA Dagger Awards, the acclaimed author of Get Shorty and LA Confidential has written an exclusive story for The Times.

  * The Times (UK)
  * Published: 16 July 2011
© Elmore Leonard, 2011

LA Confidential?????


There is also an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app for McSweeney’s that lets you have the story for free.  The app is also free.  I’ve tried a Macbook, but it doesn’t work the app.

McSweeney’s app link

Hey, Gregg, don’t you have an iPhone?


Various excerpts I have found:

In one hour federal marshal Karen Sisco will retire. But then a man she recognises walks into a bar . . . Karen Sisco was telling her dad: “This guy wearing cowboy boots ...If you don’t mind,” Karen said.

...Yes, he is.” “And you want to stay with the marshals.” “If you don’t mind,” Karen said.’ He said, ‘Your equipment, huh,’ grinning at me. He said, ‘Like the different parts that make you a hot chick?’” “You’re bringin him along,” her dad said, but where you goin with it?” “We’re there,” Karen said…

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