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I last logged in in 2009. Now, here we find us in 2012. I am still the sixth highest person to post!
After Admin, of course. Gregg, old boy, you need to do something to increase visitor participation.
Twenty thousand members, and then some, but the above facts aren’t good.
I contributed a whole lot to this website, through interaction and the planning of tours, maps, Elmore Leonard Country, etc, but little came of that.

Also, try to do something with the EL site, other than Raylan, Raylan, Raylan. Yeah, it’s good, but Jesus. Elmore has a great deal of work in his back catalogue (catalog, for some) worthy of praise, discussion and artwork. Not just what’s on TV at the moment.

See you in another three years; if I’m still in sixth place, I will really start to wonder!


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Yeah when i became a member there were some regular members but they are gone. 

A shame a such great writer and there is no one to talk to about his books.

I have the last post in many threads….

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Check out the FACEBOOK page.  Most websites see less traffic now that FACEBOOK is king.