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Great to see all the chatter. Nice to see all the solid comments from Robb, LACrimAttorney and the rest of the pros. I was in Birmingham, MI last weekend for a wedding and was hoping for a Dutch sighting. Sadly, it did not happen. I seem to recall a great scene from “Unknown Man #89” in which Raymond Guidre was trying to gun down Jack Ryan in streets of Birmingham. Also am re-reading “Swag” for 6th or 7th time. Of all the great books by Elmore, this is my favorite and, in my opinion, his best work. I put it a cut above “City Primeval”. The book is flawless. Was hoping for some information on when Road Dogs was coming out?

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Thanks for posting part of Chapter 1, Gregg.

If you haven’t read SWAG, now is your chance.

Go Lakers!