Touch on DVD
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Never knew this was made into a movie.  Same with Cat Chaser.

Pre order from amazon Here.

If you’ve already seen it, you can be the first to review it.

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TOUCH Introduction by Elmore Leonard

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Is Touch this bad?

Touch was made in the frenzy surrounding Jackie Brown and Get Shorty, when Elmore Leonard novels were selling to Hollywood studios like hotcakes. But even with director Paul Schrader’s inquisitive eye behind the camera here, Touch simply fails. Skeet Ulrich may have found success as a leading man on Jericho, but as a main character in this crime/romance, his presence leaves much to be desired. And it’s a testament to just how bad the movie is that performances by the usually-dependable Bridget Fonda and Christopher Walken are all but entirely wasted.

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in one sense the most difficult story
to fit into a realm of understanding
that allows appreciation to take hold,
doesn’t matter where you are coming from,
the matter with touch is a primal fear of intimacy,
where the human heart is revealed as a simple little muscle
and all your pretentious bullshit doesn’t really matter,
at all,
and you have to accept the reality of your situation
and agree to fail for the best possible reason,
and knowing you have lived to fight another day
is good enough.
In my mind a great story
simple love a departure
into pure sanctity

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Saw this last night. It wasn’t half-bad, especially compared to the trainwreck that was Killshot. I thought the acting was solid, and I thought it was loyal to the book. And man, that Bridget Fonda, I dig her. Her nipples were poking through her shirt in several scenes; must’ve been cold during shooting.

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A sharply funny take on religious faith healers, Elmore Leonard’s TOUCH is the story of a substance abuse counselor who suddenly discovers that he has healing powers. When word goes out that he can heal with his touch, the counselor becomes the center of a media circus.
—Original Release Date: Feb 14, 1997

This TV
  * Fri. Apr 27, 2012 5:00pm
  * Fri. Apr 27, 2012 9:00pm
  * Sun. May 6, 2012 2:00pm

Los Angeles
Verizon FiOS-KTLA-465

  * Tom Arnold
  * Lolita Davidovich
  * Christopher Walken
  * Bridget Fonda
  * Janeane Garofalo
  * Gina Gershon
  * Paul Mazursky
  * Skeet Ulrich

  * Producer: Fida Attieh
  * Producer: Lila Cazes
  * Cinematographer: Ed Lachman
  * Story by: Elmore Leonard
  * Director: Paul Schrader
  * Screenplay: Paul Schrader
  * Editor: Cara Silverman
  * Production Designer: David Wasco
  * Co-Producer : Llewellyn Wells
  * Costume Designer: Julie Weiss

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