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Jonathan Tucker on ‘Kingdom’ Season 2, ‘Justified’, Taking Risks, and More

Christina Radish

How much fun was it to be a part of Justified for its final season?

TUCKER: It was a little intimidating ‘cause it was such a legendary show. To have the opportunity to go on the last season for the last six episodes, and to play the foil for Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan, if the train was going 100 mph, I wanted to go 200 mph, but I also didn’t want to derail it. You want to play just enough, but not too much. I have a lot of respect for the writers and the creator, so it was a little intimidating, but I brought a lot to it. I just put it on the table to see what they thought about it, and they were very helpful in giving me the chance to have some fun and take some risks. Thankfully, it played out. I’m also at a place with my work where I have to be comfortable with failing. I did Hannibal and Parenthood, and that was great, but I was also fired from a job in between there because they didn’t like the choices. I have to be comfortable with turning on the TV and going, “That’s not quite right, Jonathan Tucker.” A diver can’t tumble with fear that they’re going to belly flop. They can’t jump off with that fear in their stomach. It’s the same with walking onto a set and having 150 people be like, “Who is this dude that I haven’t heard of? We’ve been doing this show for six years and this is our final season. You want rings on all of your fingers? That’s a little weird. You’re going to walk like that? You already straightened your hair before you got to set?” But, you have to defend your character. That’s your job, if they’re hiring you. That doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate, but you do have to make some big, bold choices. We do that in real life, too.


Tom Selleck and Elmore Leonard team for big Western on small screen

Associated Press
Dennis Anderson
January 31, 1997

For the legions of fans who still mourn the passing of John Wayne and pine for the vistas of John Ford’s classic Westerns, the question is this: “Why don’t they make ‘em like they used to?”

Hollywood could learn a thing or two about one of the screen’s most beloved genres from the likes of Tom Selleck and tough guy author Elmore Leonard.

The pair combined talents with a formidable cast and crew to create “Last Stand at Saber River,” a small-screen treat that offers big-screen pleasures for Ted Turner’s TNT network.

Read More>


Watch Timothy Olyphant Read Elmore Leonard In A Clip From ‘Justified: The Complete Series’


“I can’t believe it sometimes. My God, it’s a lot better than what I
 would have written,” Elmore Leonard said of Justified before an audience of TV critics in 2012. Always modest when discussing his work, Leonard failed to note that there’s a good reason the writers of Justified earned his respect: They tried really hard to live up to the standard he set. So much so that showrunner Graham Yost gave the writing staff wristbands with the letters WWED: What Would Elmore Do?

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John Mulholland & Richard Zampella Filming Interviews for Elmore Leonard Documentary

Writer/Director John Mulholland and Producer Richard Zampella have wrapped up a week in Los Angeles, filming West Coast interviews for their upcoming Elmore Leonard documentary. The interviews explore Leonard’s writing and the numerous film adaptations based on his work, such as: Get Shorty, Jackie Brown, Out Of Sight, and the FX television series, Justified.

Among those interviewed:

Producer/Writer Gregg Sutter, who served as Leonard’s researcher for more than three decades, is editor and contributor to the Library of America’s three-volume Elmore Leonard Anthology.

Graham Yost created and co-wrote Justified, which concluded its six-season run earlier this year. The series was based on Elmore Leonard’s short story, Fire in the Hole. Yost wrote the films, Speed, Broken ARROW and Hard Rain, and worked on such HBO series as Band Of Brothers and The Pacific.

Rachel Howzell Hall is author of the critically-acclaimed Detective Elouise Norton novels, Land of Shadows and Skies of Ash (Forge) cited by the LA Times as “Books to Read This Summer” in both 2014 and 2015. Hall’s first novel, A Quiet Storm (Scribner), was a Borders’ Original Voices selection.

Wendy Calhoun, currently co-exec producer on Empire, Fox’s hip-hop smash, was a co-producer, story editor and writer for two seasons on Justified. Calhoun was also a writer and producer on the ABC-TV series, Revenge.

Cheryl Dorsey, retired LAPD Sergeant, is author of Black & Blue: The Creation of a Manifesto, which offers an unsparing look at the inner workings of the LAPD regarding its black officers, its female officers, and, most especially, its black female officers. Dorsey has appeared on MSNBC and contributes to The Huffington Post.

Mulholland wrote/directed the NY Times Critics Pick, Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen, which explored THE 20 year friendship of Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper. The feature documentary was produced by Richard Zampella at Transmultimedia Entertainment.


Happy Birthday, Dutch!

Thinking about Dutch this weekend a little more than usual. Commemorating his 90th Birthday.


5 Unforgettable Justified One-Liners

Click here,


Michigan House Envy: New look for Elmore Leonard home

Photo: Jessica J. Trevino, Detroit Free Press

By Judy Rose, Special to the Detroit Free Press

Nicotine stains are gone from the wall in the living room, where Elmore Leonard sat, smoked Virginia Slims and wrote for 25 years.

His yellow walls are now oyster gray; the carpet has been pulled up and the wood floor refinished. Designer-chosen sofas replaced his offbeat mix of antiques and memorabilia.

Beyond surface changes, though, the big sunny living room where Leonard spent most days is unaltered. So are the house’s other front rooms and the face it shows to the street.

But walk around back, and the house sprawls out with a 3,000-square-foot addition, one so big the pool had to be moved.

This is Elmore (Dutch) Leonard, Edition Two — a total re-do of the Bloomfield Township house where the writer lived from the late 1980s till his death two years ago. This second edition adds a lot to the first.

Read the rest.


Moment of Vengeance Reprinted in the New Saturday Evening Post.

The Saturday Evening Post

Originally published in the Post on April 21, 1956

At midmorning six riders came down out of the cavernous pine shadows, down the slope swept yellow with arrowroot blossoms, down through the scattered aspen at the north end of the meadow, then across the meadow and into the yard of the one-story adobe house.

Four of the riders dismounted, three of these separating as they moved toward the house; the fourth took his rope and walked off toward the mesquite-pole corral. The horses in the enclosure stood and watched as he opened the gate.

Ivan Kergosen, still mounted, motioned to the open stable shed that was built out from the adobe. The sixth man rode up to it, looked inside, then continued around the corner and was out of sight.

Now Kergosen, tight-jawed and solemn, saw the door of the adobe open. He watched Ellis, his daughter, come out to the edge of the ramada shade, ignoring the three men, who stepped aside to let her pass.

“We’ve been expecting you,” she said. Her voice was calm and her smile, for a moment, seemed genuine, but it faded too quickly. She touched her dark hair, smoothing it as a breeze rose and swept across the yard.

“Where is he?” Kergosen said.

Purchase the digital edition or read the entire article in the September/October 2015 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.


the Elmore Leonard Story

The New York Review of Books
Joan Acocella

Elmore Leonard, who died two summers ago, aged eighty-seven, became famous as a crime novelist, but he didn’t like being grouped with most of the big names in that genre, people such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett or, indeed, any of the noir writers. He disapproved of their melodrama, their pessimism, their psychos and nymphos and fancy writing. He saw in crime no glamour or sexiness but, on the contrary, long hours and sore feet. His criminals didn’t become what they were out of any fondness for vice. They just needed work, and that’s what was available. They are not serial killers (or only one is), but bank robbers, loan sharks, bookies.


BBC Video:  Elmore Leonard’s Rules for Writing

“If you want to be a writer I wish you luck. The rest is up to you.” Acclaimed American crime novelist Elmore Leonard shares his writing personal tips. First broadcast on the Culture Show in October 2006.


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