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Elmore’s Intro to “Touch”


Touch takes place in 1977. That’s the year the book was written and, within a couple of months, rejected by more than a dozen hardcover publishers. The rejections were cordial enough; there was no quarrel with the prose. One editor called it, “Probably the best writing you have done to date.” Another said, It is simply that the subject, no matter how well written it is, seems altogether mystifying.”

In January 1978, the manuscript was accepted by my publisher at that time as a paperback original, though not with a great deal of enthusiasm. The book’s working title then was Juvenal. Within a few months it became The Juvenal Touch and the manuscript was set in galleys. After that, nothing happened. I imagined the publisher’s lukewarm response chilling to second thoughts. What do we call this book? If the author isn’t well known, or if the publisher isn’t able to label the book, place it in a recognized genre, he’s got a marketing problem. Or so they tell me.

It seemed easier in the past to try to sell me as some distinguished though deceased writer’s second coming rather than simply as me. But Touch refused even to be categorized. What is it?

I would inquire about its status from time to time and be told they were having trouble coming up with a suitable cover illustration. Finally, in March 1981, the publisher admitted, “Juvenal remains a very tough title for us to contemplate publishing, so there is no news on that front.” A year and a half later, September 1982, 1 asked that the rights be returned to me-which I could request, according to the contract, if the book wasn’t brought out within two years-and the publisher complied, probably with a sigh of relief. They would even get their money back, the advance paid, if I sold it to another publisher.
And that’s what happened.

I had a good time writing Touch, imagining mystical things happening to an ordinary person in a contemporary setting. It’s way off-trail compared to what I usually write, but it shouldn’t be mystifying unless you look for symbols, hidden meanings. Touch is about accepting what is. Abiding with the facts Nothing more. Friends of mine who read a lot think it’s my best book.

If I had written Touch today I would include topical references to 1987 rather than 1977; but aside from that I would tell the same story. I did revise a couple of paragraphs and cut a few lines, but that’s all.

Elmore Leonard
April 20, 1987



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