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Let Your Characters Do the Talking

Mystery Scene
Ace Atkins

Elmore “Dutch” Leonard died cool. There’s a certain kind of magic in a man who came of age during the Great Depression and refused to become dated, repetitive, or, worst of all, soft. Not only was he one of the best crime writers of all time, he was—no matter the year—the hippest.

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Forging a connection with a car that saved my life

The Dallas Morning News
Elizabeth HamiltonI read Hombre while driving west. I read how John Russell gave his life for some people who thought he was less than the clotted mud on the soles of his moccasins.

Because I loved the character so much, I named my car after him.

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Justified receives Five Nominations for Critics Choice Awards
By Erik Pedersen

The heroes and villains of Kentucky’s Harlan County are gone but apparently not forgotten. Nominations are out for the fifth annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and FX’s recently-wrapped Justified scooped the most of any regular series. The down-home neo-Western based on Elmore Leonard’s work has five noms, including Best Drama Series — its first since the inaugural CCTAs in 2011 — and mentions for original cast members Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter, and guest star Sam Elliott. Goggins also is nominated for his guest turn on another popular FX drama that ended its run this past season:


Are the Justified Producers Developing Mr. Paradise for TV?
Nellie Andreeva reported today that Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly (Timberman/Beverly) are developing a cable adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel, Mr. Paradise for Sony TV.  Sarah and Carl are the producers who developed Justified for FX Networks and Sony TV.



Saying Goodbye To ‘Justified’: Is This TV’s Great American Novel?

Brittany S Frederick

If you’re a reader, you’ve probably heard the expression “Great American Novel.” It refers to a fictional work that displays the culture of the United States at a specific time, and figuratively, is the term for the greatest American book ever written.

As the last episode of FX’s Justified is on the horizon, it becomes apparent that the Timothy Olyphant led series could be TV’s equivalent of the Great American Novel, both literally and figuratively.

One needs only to look to its ultimate source: Elmore Leonard, one of the great authors in American history. His writing could never be compared, as he had a distinct voice unlike any other. He also had the talent to capture places and times in print, and then create characters that fit perfectly into those settings.

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‘Justified’ series finale goes out with a bang

The Burg
Casey Gillis

“I can’t remember another show farewell in recent memory that left me feeling so down (to be fair, I still haven’t watched the “Parks and Recreation” swan song, because I’m in denial that it’s actually over.”

Read the article.


Graham Yost on the Justified Series Finale and Saying Goodbye to Harlan County

Kenny Herzog

Spoilers ahead—don’t read this interview if you haven’t watched the series finale of Justified.

Whether capping off an enterprise that was limited or long running, series finales have become subjected to unreasonable scrutiny, to the point where writing one has nearly become a can’t-win proposition for even the most seasoned auteur. That was the reality facing Graham Yost, the executive producer of FX’s Justified, as he set about trying to devise a fitting way to end the many storylines in play, most importantly that of his protagonist, Raylan Givens, while also being mindful of how the late Elmore Leonard—whose Fire in the Hole novella inspired this whole can of worms—would have wanted to say goodbye to those deep, dark hills of Eastern Kentucky.

Now that the final credits have rolled, and Raylan and lifelong frenemy Boyd Crowder have made their peace through partitioned glass, and Ava’s off picking pumpkins in Southwestern California, Yost can finally relax—assuming viewers don’t raise too much of a fuss about how it all went down. Yost spoke to Esquire about the burden of closing up shop properly, the show’s evolution from procedural to serialized saga, and working with the ever-opinionated Walton Goggins.


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SPOILER ‘Justified’ Finale: Graham Yost on Who Survived — and Those Elmore Leonard Tributes

The Hollywood Reporter
Marisa Roffman

The showrunner talks with THR about how the end of the FX series changed from his original plan and more.
[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Justified’s series finale.]

Justified concluded its six-season run with a subdued series finale Tuesday that may not have have been as deadly as many had come to expect.

Although the FX drama regularly featured elaborate and alarming death sequences, only two characters of note ended up being killed off in the show’s final hour: Markham (Sam Elliott), who — after taking Ava (Joelle Carter) hostage — was killed by Boyd (Walton Goggins); and Boon (Jonathan Tucker), who was on the losing side of a gun duel with Raylan (Timothy Olyphant).

Raylan, however, did have the opportunity to shoot friend-turned-foe Boyd after Markham’s death — but when Boyd refused to draw his weapon, Raylan decided to merely arrest Boyd (and Ava). It seemed, for a moment, that Raylan would actually be to close to closing the case, but his unexpected confrontation with Boon — which occurred as Raylan was trying to transport Ava to jail — led to an injured Raylan being unable to stop Ava from stealing his car and escaping.

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‘Justified’ set to say goodbye

USA Today
Bill Keveney

Olyphant says the impulsive Raylan hasn’t changed much over 78 episodes. Yost says that reflects the philosophy of the late novelist Elmore Leonard, who created the characters.

“In Elmore’s world, character is destiny, and people don’t change that much. Raylan is pretty much as he was at the beginning, but we do see a change in him over the course of the series,” Yost says. “Boyd changed a lot, but you never knew if the changes were real.”

Olyphant says Crowder was key to the show’s success, along with other memorable Raylan adversaries, including Mags Bennett (Emmy winner Margo Martindale) and this season’s crime kingpin, Avery Markham (Sam Elliott), and his sociopathic hired gun, Boon (Jonathan Tucker).

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VIDEO: FX’s Justified actors and creator visit Harlan County

WYM Mountain TV

Harlan County, Kentucky (WYMT) - Who will leave Harlan alive? We will find out Tuesday who on the FX series “Justified” will survive. Actors from the show were in Harlan County this afternoon for a special screening of the series finale.

“Justified:” the fictional television series, centered around a U.S. Marshal in Harlan County who deals his own brand of justice, comes to an end Tuesday, and Series Creator Graham Yost says he wanted to do something special for the region that inspired its setting.

“You know, we talked a long time about when we wanted to come back down to Harlan as a group and bring some of the actors down here, and it just finally came to be that we could do it right before the final episode,” Yost said.

The result was an early public screening of the finale at Harlan County High School Saturday. For several of the shows actors, it was there first time in the real Harlan County.

“Beautiful. Much more beautiful than I expected. The landscape and everything, and the people are very friendly and. So far, so good,” says Joelle Carter, who plays “Ava Crowder.”

“I don’t know, I’ve had the rich kids retreat. I get in a van; I come to the hotel; I get in a van; I go to the high school; I get in the van; I get buffalo wings - that’s been my impression of Harlan so far,” laughed Jacob Pitts, who plays “Tim Gutterson.”

Hundreds of fans came out Saturday - some from out-of-state. They say the show has played a special role in their lives for the past six seasons.

“It’s just a really great show and the dialogue is top notch. It’s just so much fun and I feel like I’m going to start crying at the end of the show,” says Rachel Lange, a fan who travelled from Washington, D.C. to attend the event.

Cameras weren’t allowed in the auditorium for security reasons; but fan reviews of the finale Saturday were positive.

“Out of this world! Totally unexpected! There’s a lot of twists that people are not going to expect and it’s fabulous, They went out with a bang, I can say that,” says Lynn Rowland, reacting to the finale.

The justified finale airs Tuesday, April 14th at 10 p.m. on FX.
The screening was followed by a question and answer session with members of the cast and crew.

Read the Rest and Watch the Video.




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