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Meet The Real-Life U.S. Marshal Who Serves as Advisor to ‘Justified’

Courtesy of Charlie Almanza
The Wall Street Journal

For the last six years, Timothy Olyphant has played Raylan Givens on FX’s modern-day Western “Justified,” where he’s embodied a mix of sarcastic swagger, good ‘ol boy charm and a cunning eye. The show follows his work as a U.S. Marshal in Harlan County, Kentucky, where crime is a mix of drugs, prostitution, extortion, and family-on-family beefs. Givens is always in hot water, in modern-day showdowns with the seedy backwoods inhabitants of Harlan. But not everything is amped up for dramatic purposes. For the duration of the show, creator Graham Yost has had Charlie Almanza, retired U.S. Marshal, at his side helping to shape the show’s realism. Here, we spoke to Almanza about his days on the “Justified” set.

Read the rest.


Variety Reports that Graham Yost and Noah Wyle are Developing pre WWII Limited Series

“Justified” creator/showrunner Graham Yost has teamed with actor Noah Wyle for a limited series at FX examining the political battles in the U.S. over the decision to enter World War II.

“Those Angry Days,” from Sony Pictures TV and FX Prods., will focus on the period between 1937 and 1941, as war spread across Europe while isolationist forces in Congress and elsewhere railed against the prospect of America coming to Britain’s aid in the fight against Hitler.

CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow is said to be a character in the series, as is President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Wyle is believed to be on board to play Murrow. The project is in the early stage of development with a script commitment at FX.

Yost and Wyle are exec producers along with Jim Katz and Danny Sussman.

Justified’s Graham Yost and Noah Wyle are developing a World War II series (AV Club)

Read the article

Graham Yost making period-piece spy drama for WGN

AV Club
By Erik Adams
May 28, 2014

Graham Yost is preparing to adapt Alex Kershaw’s Avenue Of Spies for WGN America. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yost is teaming with screenwriter Andrea Berloff to tell the story of a family of Americans in Nazi-occupied France, whose proximity to Gestapo operations—they live just down the street from headquarters! The property values must be exorbitant!—makes them ideal spies for the French Resistance.

Read the article.

Graham Yost has ‘the best job in Hollywood’

The Toronto Star
By: Richard Ouzounian

Somewhere up in Hollywood Heaven, Elwy Yost must be smiling.

The longtime host of TVOntario’s Saturday Night at the Movies may have shuffled off this mortal coil in 2011, but his passion for first-rate entertainment lives on in his son, Graham.

Not only is the 55-year-old writer-producer-director responsible for such box office bonanzas as Speed, Broken Arrow and Hard Rain, he’s lent his golden touch to high-profile TV series like Band of Brothers, Boomtown and The Pacific.

This week, he delivers a one-two punch to Canadian TV viewers with the return of two shows. The Elmore Leonard-inspired Justified, which he created, begins its sixth and final season on Super Channel Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. The Cold War thriller The Americans, which he executive produces, launches its third season on FX on Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 10 p.m.

“I’ve got the best job in Hollywood,” laughs Yost over the phone from California. “I get to be an insider on one show and a kind of outsider on the other.

Read the rest.

TV Review: ‘Justified’ – ‘Fate’s Right Hand’

Blog Critics
Jerome Wetzel

Justified begins its final season on FX this week with “Fate’s Right Hand.” Picking up just after last season ended, Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) is sticking around Kentucky just long enough to take down his old frenemy, Boyd (Walton Goggins), then he’ll be off to Florida, where his baby daughter lives. There are thirteen episodes to play out before that can happen, though, so obviously the story won’t zip along, even if it starts out in an exciting manner.

FX’s Justified ‘Cash Game’ Previews and Some Thoughts

Monsters & Critics
by Ernie Estrella

TV Picks: If you caught the season premiere of “Justified,” then you know that Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) is pissed. In the preview for this week’s episode, “Cash Game” Boyd makes an aggressive threat to Raylan (Tim Olyphant) and this is the season to act on such words.

Marshal Law: Timothy Olyphant on Ending ‘Justified’

Rolling Stone
by David Fear

Six seasons and a movie? Is that a thing?” asks Timothy Olyphant, and if you listen closely, you can hear the slightest trace of a Southern drawl on that last word. “Man, I wouldn’t even know how that would work. But I do like the sound of it.” The 46-year-old actor was born in Honolulu, raised in Northern California’s Central Valley and went to college at USC in Los Angeles; it’s the voice of a certain laconic lawman from Kentucky, however, that seems to keep making cameos over the phone line.


Never Boring FX Justifies Its Reputation As TV’s Best Network

by Adam Beckman

No network has provided more fodder for a TV columnist over the years than FX.

For the past 12 years or so, this Fox-owned cable channel has produced one iconic, groundbreaking show after another, including “The Shield,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Rescue Me,” “Damages,” “Louie,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Justified,” “The Americans,” “American Horror Story,” “Fargo” and others.

‘Justified’ Ending Not Yet Set , EP Graham Yost Says – TCA

by Lisa de Moraes

“We don’t have the ending yet,” Justified EP Graham Yost said today of the show that’s starting its final FX season Tuesday. “We’ve shot [episode] 10, and have a script for 11 … And we’re outlining 12, and then get to 13.”

“We’ve all been talking about it. But Elmore didn’t outline,”

TV Review: ‘Justified’ Saddles Up For Sixth and Final Season

Brian Lowry

“Justified” begins its final season with a customary slow build. The new threat, played by Sam Elliott, doesn’t even really present itself until the third episode, with another fine addition, Garret Dillahunt, as his vaguely threatening surrogate. Still, that’s emblematic of the laconic charm that has characterized this Elmore Leonard adaptation throughout its run, with Timothy Olyphant’s modern cowboy becoming one of FX’s unsung heroes. Although the program isn’t as showy or heralded as the network’s other dramas, its sixth-season start reinforces a sense that “Justified” will be sorely missed when it rides into the sunset.



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Graham Yost making period-piece spy drama for WGN

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TV Review: ‘Justified’ – ‘Fate’s Right Hand’

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