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New Up in Honey’s Room Paperback from Einaudi

Su Nella Stanza di Honey

Another superb Italian cover from Einaudi.  Why don’t American publishers do covers this kick-ass?



Brilliant-But-Canceled Shows of the ‘00s


Time Magazine

Posted by James Poniewozik

As long as we’re remembering the decade in television, here’s a list of a dozen shows that could have been among the decade’s best, but lasted only a season or two (or less) before being snuffed out.

KAREN SISCO. The short-lived Elmore Leonard adaptation captured the hard-boiled melancholy of the character from Out of Sight.



Elmore says: “I’m so glad that I chose Westerns…”



Road Dogs in Review AND Merry Christmas

Two Thousand Nine was the Year of the Road Dog.  Here’s a repost of excerpts from some of the outstanding reviews of Elmore’s latest hardcover.

Bookmarks Magazine assembled some of the best review quotes about Road Dogs.

imageThe critics, thrilled with Leonard’s latest novel, unanimously praised it as another success in a long line of groundbreaking successes. Leonard’s revolutionary, minimalist style—including his disdain for long descriptions and tedious scene setting—sends the plot racing along on deliciously deadpan dialogue between vivid, engaging characters, a few of whom readers already know and love. Amid the murder andmayhem, Leonard also poses larger questions about the varying degrees of loyalty and treachery in relationships. Readers new to Leonard don’t need to return to the earlier novels to appreciate Road Dogs, but they probably will once they’re hooked. Leonard’s fans will deffnitely share the critics’ hopes that Jack will return for a third performance.

Boston Globe *****

“The fun in the best of his novels—and this is the best in years—stems from the fact that Leonard starts turning the screws on page one and never stops. The dialogue crackles; the supporting characters are crisply drawn; and the story achieves almost instant escape velocity.” STEPHEN KING

Christian Science Monitor *****

“The story glides along and, before you know it, it’s way past your bedtime but Jack Foley is too charming to shut off the lights just now. In lieu of filler, Leonard revs the plot, dials up the banter, and gets out of the way.” ERIK SPANBERG

New York Times *****

“Foley has the brains, Cundo the machismo and Dawn the shamelessness to make this one of Mr. Leonard’s most enjoyably sneaky stories. ... Mr. Leonard, now 83, still writes with high style, great energy, unflappable cool and a jubilant love of the game.” JANET MASLIN

Washington Post ****

“Road Dogs is yet another gem in a career that has endured for more than half a century and given us 42 novels. ... Each [character] ismotivated by some mixture of greed and lust—with a bit of stupidityoften added—and the novel unfolds as a masterpiece of duplicity.” PATRICK ANDERSON

NY Times Book Review ****

“Droll and exciting, enriched by the self-aware, what-the-hell-why-not insouciance of a master now in his mid-80s, Road Dogs—underlying its material of sex, violence and money, and beyond its cast of cons and thugs and movie stars—presents interesting questions. Can a grown person change? Speci"cally, can a man abandon an expertise that wins him respect but makes a mess of his life? Can anybody trust anybody? Is love ever true? Is friendship ever real?” ROBERT PINSKY

Oregonian ****

“Leonard is a master storyteller. ... Road Dogs evolves from a cheerful and moderately grisly buddy story into a taut study of people striving to manipulate each other without being manipulated in turn.” KATHERINE DUNN

Providence Journal ****

“Here they come again: Elmore Leonard’s larcenous, murderous, plot-spinning, yarn-spouting robbers, ex-cons, bimbos and lawmen in a terrifically funny and quirky novel that delights and shocks as much as it entertains and astounds. ... Leonard writes in such a deliciously deadpan manner that he makes his characters talk about murder and conspiracy the way we might plan a dinner party.” SAM COALE



Rwanda - “Strange Setting for Elmore Leonard Book”

Not really.

The Reading Journal: Pagan Babies By Elmore Leonard

imageI’ve never been to Rwanda where some 800,000 humans were slaughtered by their own people for no reason at all. Like the others, it is a place of unimaginable terror. It is also a strange setting for an Elmore Leonard book. A guy who usually sets his tales in Detroit. Yet Rwanda is exactly where he opens Pagan Babies, and that right in the aftermath of the genocide.

The story focuses on Terry a priest who lived in Rwanda during the time of the genocide who has become tired of seeing the perpetrators of that atrocity not see a trial, and not be punished in anyway. He sets a plan in motion which eventually takes him to more typical Leonard territory, Detroit.  There he meets a lady, mixes with the mob and works a con or two.

It is top-form Leonard. The dialogue sparkles, the action is fast, furious and fun. Beyond the fairly brief bits in Rwanda the rest of it is pretty much vintage Leonard too. The man might not change formulas very often, but he’s is so constantly solid in his abilities that it doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t here.


“Justified” Trailer


Short run for ‘Maximum Bob’


Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)
Rich Heldenfels, The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio

So many people ask me when the Maximum Bob TV Series will be on DVD.  To all of you, I’m trying to answers, It isn’t easy.  TV critics like Rich get them too.  This from his mailbag:

Q: Several summer seasons of replacement series ago, we watched “Maximum Bob.” It starred one of the Bridges brothers. Absolutely hilarious! What ever happened to that show and why wasn’t it ever picked up as a regular series on prime time TV?

A: Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard, the series originally aired on ABC in August and September 1998. Beau Bridges starred as “Maximum Bob” Gibbs, a tough judge; the cast also included Liz Vassey and Kiersten Warren. The production team included producer-director Barry Sonnenfeld, who had done well by Leonard with the big-screen adaptation of Get Shorty. If the ratings had been good enough, ABC would have ordered more than the seven original episodes. Unfortunately, the show did not measure up, and was soon gone. But it still pops up on lists of shows canceled too soon.


New “Justified” Trailer From Time


‘Justified’ Trailer—Um, Awesome?
By: Chris Jordan
It’s high noon for the bad guys on the upcoming FX series ‘Justified.’

The exclusive new trailer for the series opens with star Timothy Olyphant as lawman Raylan Givens shooting a bad guy at a beachside resort.

“You know we’re not able to shoot people on site anymore,’ says Givens’ commander.

‘He pulled first,’ quips Olyphant’s Givens.

Then Givens finds himself returning to the backwoods of Kentucky, where bad vibes, bullets and even rockets fly. It looks like Givens’ quick-draw style is the only thing that can save this humble town.

Olyphant, perhaps best known for his role as Seth Bullock on HBO’s ‘Deadwood,’ hasn’t let his gun get too cold since ‘Deadwood’s’ demise and, in fact, seems to have a much quicker trigger finger now. Twenty seconds don’t go by without Givens shooting or threatening to shoot someone in the trailer.

Well, sometimes you can only get justice at the end of gun.

Olyphant’s laconic Givens echoes the great Hollywood Western stars of the past, like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Let’s see if they can keep it up for a whole show, much less a series.

Graham Yost (‘Boomtown,’ ‘Speed’) developed ‘Justified,’ which is based on a popular Elmore Leonard character. The novelist is an executive producer. FX has ordered 13 episodes.

‘Justfied’ changed it name from ‘Lawman’ earlier this year to avoid confusion with the reality show ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman,’ which premiered earlier this month on A&E. The series is set to debut in March.

Watch the ‘Justified’ trailer here from Time


The Justified Writing Staff


The eight Justified writers, left to right: Benjamin Cavell, Wendy Calhoun, Graham Yost, Elmore, Fred Golan, Clay Humphrey (standing behind), Gary Lennon and Benjamin Lobato.


The eight writer: Chris Provenzano, left,  (with Elmore and Justified producer, Don Kurt.)

You don’t often get to the faces of the writers of TV or movies, except occasionally on an awards show or this website.  Above, is the entire writing staff of Justified, who, a couple of weeks ago, all came out to the set of Justified in Santa Clarita, CA to meet Elmore.

Justified, for new visitors, is the FX TV series based on Elmore’s Raylan Given’s novella, “Fire in the Hole.”  Timothy Olyphant stars as Raylan Givens.

All the writers have blue wristbands that say, “What Would Elmore Do?”


Elmore in History of Elements of Style


Stylized: A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style by Mark Garvey

“Stylized is a lovingly crafted history that explores Elements’ staying power and takes us from the hallowed halls of academia to the bustling offices of The New Yorker magazine to the dazzling days of old Hollywood—and into the hearts and minds of some of the most respected writers working today.”

Elmore, of course, is all over this book.

Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing…at just over one thousand words, makes Strunk and White look like wind-bags. It’s a fun list of brief, slightly idiosyncratic pointers (Number I: “Never open a book with weather”) aimed primarily at fiction writers hoping to bring to their work some of the crackle and punch of Leonard’s own fiction. Leonard says he had a copy of The Elements of Style on his shelf for years and used to consult it occasionally, though he seems now to have misplaced it. No matter; he’s long had Elements’ key points well in hand.




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