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Agents Leonard and Elmore

Joel Lyczak was watching the new Timothy Hutton TV show, Leverage, when Elmore’s name came up in an unusual way.  I checked into it and found a reference in Elmore’s wikipedia entry:

Leonard was referenced in the television show Leverage in episode 105 “The Bank Shot Job” when Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison and Beth Riesgraf as Parker introduced themselves to police officers as FBI agents Leonard and Elmore.

The episode aired on 30 December 2008 (Season 1, Episode 5).  It was written by Amy Berg.




Slow Blog Day


A Japanese Killshot paperback.  I don’t know what these teenagers are doing on the cover. Thanks to Jade for this.



No “Killshot” in Cape Girardeau, no Cape Girardeau in “Killshot”


From The Arrow
Ben Marxer

This is sad.

There is generally very little to be excited about in this town. Outside of the occasional shout out by hometown hero Rush Limbaugh on his syndicated radio show, Cape rarely makes any sort of mark on the national scene. But many of our older readers may remember that weekend in 2006 when suddenly, almost inexplicably, Hollywood came to crash on Cape’s futon for a weekend.

“Killshot,” the Elmore Leonard novel which takes place, in part, here in Cape, had been optioned for a movie deal. Hollywood bigwigs were flying into the Bootheel to scout the Mississippi River and the downtown area for possible shooting locations. Soon everybody was awash in excitement. Celebrities were coming to town. And not like Bo Bice at the county fair or Kurt Warner preaching at the Show Me Center. We were talking genuine movie stars.

It was almost cute, the child-like exuberance that spread across Cape Girardeau. The names Justin Timberlake and Viggo Mortensen and Quentin Tarantino were being whispered up and down Broadway. The financial impact that the film could have on the local economy was being estimated up to the tens of millions.

Read the rest.


Phoneix New Times Review of Killshot

Phoenix New Times

For the convenience of the reader, I looked up the really big word she uses.

Ayurveda |?äy?r?v?d?; -?v?d?|
the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

This sad, gripping Elmore Leonard tale of dumb criminals and stagnant relationships wrapped years ago and seemed about to bypass theaters entirely until star Mickey Rourke hit the greased rails to Oscartown for his role in The Wrestler. Audiences are the winners right now: The big screen is a wonderfully creepy showcase for the film’s eerie, snow-frosted Detroit-area landscapes and the batshit-violent shenanigans of co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As a motormouth adult delinquent who sparks the few uncomfortable laughs Killshot delivers (it’s a lot like Fargo gone ultraserious), Gordon-Levitt insinuates himself as the psycho apprentice to Rourke, who’s downright inscrutable as a half-breed mob hit man scrabbling to keep control as his multiple worlds (none of which he ever belonged in) collapse. Diane Lane and Thomas Jane play an estranged couple whose night-and-day personalities keep them not quite far enough apart for comfort. (She’s neurotic, he’s chill — and in case the ayurvedic implications aren’t clear enough, she sells real estate and he works high steel.) Gosh, will these four misfits get into some scrapes together? Never mind smelling the plot a mile away: This one’s for devotees of character and dialogue. Directed by John Madden (Shakespeare in Love). — Peterson, Julie


Killshot Opens in South Africa

According to Box Office Mojo:

As Killshot racked up a whopping domestic total of $13,267, we learn that it has been released internationally and has a foreign gross, as of Jan. 25, 2009 of $129,752.  Unknown to everybody this side of Tel Aviv, including apparently the producers, it opened in Israel on 11/13/08 and did $102,386 worth of business. 

On the same day as US opening on January 23, it opened in South Africa to the tune of $27,366.  Box Office Mojo also reports upcoming international openings in Taiwan (3/20/09, Mexico (3/27/09),  Russia (5/7/09) and Argentina (6/11/09).  Book your flight now to avoid the rush.


ROAD DOGS Tour Dates

Revisions will be posted.

Tuesday, May 12
7:30 PM
Reading, Q & A, Signing
Barnes & Noble – Lincoln Square
1972 Broadway @ 66th Street
Contact:  Jennifer Stark –212-595-6859

Wednesday, May 13
7:00 PM
w/Mike Lupica
NEW CANAAN Public Library
Contact:  Kathleen Millard, Manager
Elm Street Books
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thursday, May 14, 2009
7:00 PM – 8:45 PM
1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Contact: Andy Kahan-215-567-4341 or
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Monday, May 18, 2009
11:30 AM - 3:30 PM
METRO DETROIT BOOK & AUTHOR SOCIETY?27777 Schoolcraft Rd-Livonia, MI 48150?Contact: Alan Fisk - 586-775-3533 or?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
34300 Woodward Avenue-Birmingham, MI
Contact: Amy Stanton, 313-271-4441

Thursday, May 28, 2009
7:00 PM
With Peter

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Harold Washington Library Center
Contact:  Teresa Basso Gold – 312-919-9329 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



“Killshot” buried in the desert


If you happen to be in Arizona, please go see “Killshot” and tell us how it is. The Weinstein Co. thriller, which wrapped in October 2005 (not including reshoots), stars newly minted Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke opposite Diane Lane and opened in five Arizona theaters January 23. It has earned $10,741 to date.

The project sounded promising—John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”) directing Hossein Amini’s adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel—and the review (singular), from the improbably named Arizona Republic film critic Bill Goodykoontz, is fairly positive, calling the plot “implausible” but the performances “uniformly good, if not great.”

Still: It’s an ignonimous end. Why Arizona? Every now and then, studios take their movies to the desert to die a la Joe Pesci in “Casino” (minus the bat to the face, although it might feel that way for those involved). However, barely releasing a film in one of the nation’s most popular retirement communities is a more dignified (and perhaps, more contractually satisfying) than a straight-to-DVD release.

The film, ironically enough, is about a woman who goes into hiding as part of the FBI’s witness protection program. Thomas Jane, Rosario Dawson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-star.—Stuart Oldham



Japanese Mr. Majestyk Film Poster


From the site: Cinema is Dope.

Japanese Poster Appreciation Month - January 2009

Charles Bronson Day

Welcome to the Charles Bronson Day sub-part of the month long celebration of Japanese posters here at CID. Today I will be featuring posters from these of Bronson’s films: Hard Times, Mr. Majestyk and Violent City (aka The Family).

Artwork for Richard Fleischer’s Mr. Majestyk courtesy of Mike Malloy. I like the idea of this poster by having a crazed Bronson appearing ready to gun down all bad guys in sight with a backdrop of a huge explosion and some various pieces of action in a collage below. However, it just doesn’t all quiet come together like it should, largely because the particular image of Bronson feels like it has too much of a “deer in the headlights” look than a “Bronson in bloody hell rage” look. R

Dutch Forum member Jade writes:

The main title at the bottom of the poster, is in Katakana characters.
The Japanese usually use these characters to convert foreign words (usually English) into Japanese.
It’s interesting that the title is simply ‘Majestyk’ - no mention of Mr. (except the English underneath.)

The closest way it can be translated into these characters, and indeed Japanese is:




Killshot Grosses $10,058

No comment necessary.  Thanks for nothing Harvey.

The Hollywood Reporter:

In a limited bow, Weinstein Co./Third Rail’s thriller “Killshot”—starring Rourke as a psychopathic killer—unspooled in five theaters and grossed $10,058, or $2,012 per venue



The Elmore Leonard exhibit at UCLA


Over the weekend, I checked out the Elmore Leonard exhibit at UCLA. entitled:

Freaky Deaky! In Touch with the Out of Sight Majestyk Work of the Hombre Himself, Elmore Leonard

The exhibit features signed first editions, manuscripts, letters and photographs from the collection of UCLA Department of English lecturer and journalist Lawrence Grobel.

Larry Grobel is the author of several books, primarily containing interviews.  In 1995, his interview with Elmore was published in Playboy and then republished in his book, Endangered species; writers talk about their crafts, their visions, their lives.

The exhibit is in seven display cases: three in the lobby of the second floor of the Powell Library at UCLA, and four in the large reading room.  In addition, in the reading room, there are six standing display boards with mounted movie posters and quotes from the opening of several books.


Letters from Elmore to Larry Grobel

Of the forty hardcovers and paperbacks of Elmore’s work in the exhibit,  nearly all of his novels are represented except for his earliest westerns. Many of the hardcovers are inscribed to Larry.  There are four pulps, a galley proof from Rum Punch and a typescript of Glitz.  Unfortunately, the only script displayed is The Rosary Murders which is Elmore’s least favorite project.  The only rarities are a Japanese edition and a British movie-tie of Fifty Two Pickup along with paperbacks of the Out of Sight and Jackie Brown screenplays.

The heart of the exhibit is the Larry Grobel’s connection with Elmore.  Displayed are seven letters from Elmore to Larry, two photos of Elmore and Larry (Diane Keaton is in one of them) and his articles from Playboy, TV Guide and Movieline.  Also his book, Endangered Species.

The quote boards are a good idea but the movie posters include The Big Bounce and the remake of

3:10 to Yuma

, not exactly Elmore’s favorite projects.

The exhibit lacks the depth of a full blown retrospective exhibition, but as an introduction Elmore’s work and mounted primarily from a personal collection, it’s a great way to introduce UCLA students to Elmore Leonard.  UCLA sent Elmore several photos of the exhibit and he was quite pleased.  Hats off to Larry.


UCLA Powell Library Reading Room with exhibit posters and display cases.




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