Three Ten to Yuma

Publisher: Dime Western Magazine, March, 1953
Edition: First Appearance
Format: Magazine - Pulp
Genre: Western
Special Notes: Filmed as: 3:10 to Yuma (1957)

The marshal’s prisoner promised gold aplenty if he were freed—and sure death if he weren’t!

Deputy Marshal Paul Scallen is in charge of puffing Jim Kidd on a train to be taken to prison. Despite diversionary tactics by the head marshal, Kidd’s whereabouts are discovered by his cohort Charlie Prince, and Bob Moons, a vengeance driven brother of one of Kidd’s victims. While more armed men arrive to back up Prince, Kidd works on Scallen’s sense of duty to show how futile his mission is. Scallen, however, is determined to put Kidd on that train, whatever the cost.

Emmet Ryan, head ramrod of the TX crew, has cattle stolen from a herd be and his men are driving. Witnesses implicate Emmet’s brother Jack as one of the rustlers along with Joe Anthony, a known bad man, and two others. The thieves are trailed to a small town where one is killed during a face off. Those left face hanging but the TX crew question the justice of their actions