“Solar-driven” able to fly day and night
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June 5,abercrombie outlet, “the sun-driven” took off from Madrid’s Barajas airport, fly to the southwest of Spain,hollister france. Since then, the aircraft flight of 8500 m height across the Mediterranean to fly over the African continent over the Strait of Gibraltar,abercrombie france, and then north-west of the Tangier region of Morocco arrived in Rabat,parajumpers, Morocco.
Picard stepped off the plane, told the media that the final destination of the “Solar-driven” is the central city of Morocco,belstaff, Ouarzazate,abercrombie milano, a total of frequent flyer miles will reach 2500 kilometers,belstaff blouson. He said the flight was not only to enhance people’s confidence in the solar power to support Morocco’s plans to build large solar power station in Ouarzazate to drive to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
“Solar-driven” able to fly day and night, it is made from ultra-light carbon fiber material,louboutin pas cher, with a wingspan of 63.4 m, similar to the Airbus A340 aircraft wingspan, weighs only 1600 kg, equivalent to an ordinary car. The wing is equipped with 12,abercrombie,000 solar panels, for the four motor-powered.
According to reports,abercrombie, experts estimate that more than 40 years after the solar-powered aircraft in solving the solar absorption significantly improve the efficacy of battery,hollister, capable of carrying 300 passengers, the large-scale solar-powered aircraft is expected to be operational.
‘s largest-ever solar-powered aircraft, and May 24, starting from 瑞士帕耶讷 by the project two promoters 博尔施贝格 and the Picard turns driving. Lasted 17 hours, arrived in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Since then, subject to the windy weather of the Strait of Gibraltar, “the sun-driven” to stay in Madrid for about 10 days.
“Solar-driven” since April 7,abercrombie, 2010 after a successful maiden flight in July of that year, day and night test flight in May last year completed the first cross-border flight in Switzerland to Belgium. The transcontinental flight is a preview of its 2014 global flight plan.
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