we believe that Ms. Lee have to move
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‘clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Posted Li Ms.. User affection time with ordinary domestic What is different, there is no impure motivation doubt, Ms. Lee said, she absolutely different from the online and street illegal so-called “service”, nor is it dry housekeeping, nanny or part-time of job,doudoune moncler. Ms. Lee envisioned family time, the biggest difference is that the two sides can get along as friends, family. “I hope to become a customer intimate friends, intimate family, like Song Dandan and Zhao Benshan speech ‘chatting’ skit.” Simple “chatting”, Ms. Lee revealed that she would do cook, and according to the customer nutritional needs with food. If the customers at home is a mess, and she will take the initiative to clean up the very warm. At the same time, Ms. Lee emphasized own fancy can not insufferably arrogant, “such as heavy labor, I would not stem short,lancel, is willing to do,mercurial, I will take the initiative to do; unwilling to give money to not do anything. Saying a noon no charge 50 yuan satisfied can have sixty-seven ten friends add me as a friend, but say that there is a need to contact. “Ms. Lee said, online conversations difficult to establish trust with customers, she will challenge client’s motivation, the other will suspect that she is not a liar. Currently, Ms,louboutin pas cher. Lee’s design fee is a noon 50 yuan. “In fact, the money is not important if customers are not satisfied, I can be a penny. Marriage, I did not go out and work. Now a seven-year-old children, during the day I have a lot of free and want to do something. Husband is also very supportive of me the idea of ​​security is most troubled by Ms. Lee. She asked customers ready copy of ID, copy of real estate license, home address,abercrombie, telephone, and envisaged friends her door service every half hour to every call. “Indeed, this issue is quite daunting for me out of ideas to come up with a better way.” Ms. Lee said. Lawyers as long as it does not involve bad behavior, Ms,air jordan. Lee practices wrong with the right law firm Zhengzhou Branch lawyer Zhang Shaochun that there is nothing wrong, civil behavior, from a legal point of view, Ms. Lee practices as long as it does not violate the laws and regulations and to engage in voluntary is legally valid. But need to remind the two points, first of all, we believe that Ms,abercrombie. Lee have to move, just to earn money and pastime should not be involved in some of the other laws prohibit bad behavior or illegal; Secondly,abercrombie france, Ms. Lee is concerned, how to solve the security problem , will be a major problem. In addition, if Ms. Lee really opened her problem consult the relevant certificates formalities need to go to the business sector, and the need to pay taxes in accordance with the law. After all, this is similar to the case of operating hotels.
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