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For obvious function, any watch fans have some experience will not be ignored,vanessa bruno pas cher. But some details on the changes, especially to add some Ask people in the industry, in particular,sac vanessa bruno, is responsible for the development of new products,vanessa bruno sac, designers and construction division,sac vanessa bruno pas cher, in fact, watch year, some of the <P from Breguet innovation quick adjustment, Jiang poem Dan Dun’s classic gorgeous new style to Blancpain’s Almanac long power plus a half zone display, each have their own brand cited proud of the innovation have application in the world of these newly developed when multiple time zones on the table, people think practical while the supplementary table for the old classic, which has been significantly impulse to buy. Similar utility functions, including alarm clock, calendar table previously less dramatic increase returned to double-tracking needle as well as in the context of increasingly popular chronograph.  <P and returning to the more simple to the timing pointer back to the beginning and continue to run, but the watchmaking connoisseurs it is not simple to think that returning to the double-tracking needle can be regarded as a complex function, to be on from ordinary chronograph movement transformation, some thought is not how much to spend. In fact, the degree of difficulty to distinguish these features, in addition to be measured from the factory to compete with the pricing, more can much from similar products to be confirmed, technically simple, of course, it is possible to attract more imitators. In turn, the imitators, similar products will technically another way to increase the technical difficulty. The most typical example is from Athens first come up with the The person shines technological innovation, concise and to the use of complex technology to promote the progress of the industry.  <P simple, functional innovation are all attributed to small functions. In addition, some of the long power, the Observatory level precision timing, the super waterproof 500 meters above table, professional antimagnetic table as well as jumping seconds (such as electronic quartz watches as running mechanical watch) classified as small features will not cause people too objection. However, with the aesthetic aspects of innovation, such as the perspective of the movement, new materials of the case, such as whether the small features? The former often in order to achieve a more transparent the more aesthetically pleasing visual effects at the changes to the original mechanical structure, the latter from the high-tech multi-faceted support to the hand-decorated and even assembly. Further, various modern conditions can not be replaced by machines such as the chamfer sanding, carving and other handmade seems to also be broadly attributed to a class of small features.  <P to explore the little Which not only popular to do in the future, and

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