‘s business models
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‘s business models, and results in addition to a few Lingchao 1,000 yuan in cash was missing. The wife said they did not move the money. Certainly encounter a thief! “Wife picked up the phone ready to alarm, to stop by Zhao Ming,lancel. Premonition that the thieves will come to patronize, Zhao decided to arrest the current. Original, Zhao couple suspected dry store employees. During the day,hollister, the couple often pretend to next door playing cards, but secretly pegged to the store, the results what had happened. At night, the couple personally lock shop, carefully review before leaving. Sometimes two people simply live in the store, and so the thief door. A half months later, the couple even the shadow of the thief did not see. Infuriating outlets instead was mysteriously stealing five times, lost a total of 3,075 yuan. 3 thief is the boss’s son on September 3, Zhao suddenly received a police station, one surnamed Zhang police phone police solve the case. The other asked him: outlets stolen six times, lost 3,000 yuan God! This has been no alarm, why police are well aware of Surnamed Zhang, said police, the evening of September 2, the police in his store, caught three theft suspects, he went to the police station to cooperate with the investigation. Finally caught! “Zhao Ming, the couple is very excited, and immediately rushed to the police station, the results of the two stunned: three young men,hollister france, one of which turned out to be his own son. You reported to the police “My son has been working away, Zhao thought it was just met his son home thief hit 110. But his son was silent, his head down. “A series of events, all three of them dry!” Police said. Zhao Ming and his wife dumbfounded: how his son became the stealing of their own money the thief Asking for trouble solicitation friends stealing the parents business models Zhao Ming son called Zhao Hua (a pseudonym),lancel pas cher, under 16 years of age. It is understood that, he went out to work in less than a year,peuterey outlet, and the results did not find the money. August 6 back Zhongxian, but no face to see parents on staying in the students home,エアジョーダン. 7 evening, Zhao Hua met online friends Wang,doudoune moncler, the other about his suburban the cis Creek field play. Night, the two chatted. Wang said, he also faced the problem of no money to eat. “Do not worry, take the payable days did not go to my house the store to get something to eat.” Zhao Hua offered. That night two people will be the car came to the store, see the shop closed, parents are not the store, Zhao Hua took the lead from the windows turned into the store. The two got well fed sweets and biscuits. Wang said that the to eat light does not work, but also to find some money to go. Zhao Hua think it is finding the money to take the lead on rummaging, finally found a pile of money in a small bag, 1020. “How much better ” Wang asked. Take the money of their own, Zhao Hua think too little sorry friend promised to take 500 yuan. Wang is said to take less anti is suspected, simply take away all, maybe your parents will forget the money, Zhao Hua reluctantly agreed. Later, Zhao Hua and Wang solicitation Ryu in the same way to the shop and stole five times more than 3000 yuan in cash is squandered,スパイク サッカー. September 16, Zhong County Procuratorate in accordance with the law approved the arrest of the suspect Wang, Zhao Hua and Liu not be held criminally responsible. □ prosecutors say stealing their own property criminal liability Zhong County Procuratorate prosecutors Peng Yubin said whether he will take the case, Zhao Hua is the theft of the property of your own home, and therefore deal with the case as a result of the theft and the victim, the next of kin of the special relationship, should different from ordinary theft generally do not press criminal processing,moncler. But if the perpetrator theft vices incorrigible, too deep, and the huge amount of theft, and even colluded with outsiders to common theft of the family and relatives of property, seriously affect the family and relatives of tranquility,peuterey, other family members or victims relatives insisted be held criminally responsible, shall be investigated criminally responsible. Peng Yubin said, adding that China’s “Criminal Law” stipulates that reached the 14-year-old minors under the age of 16 are only guilty of intentional homicide, intentional injury causing serious injury or death, rape, robbery, arson, explosion, poisoning and other crimes criminally responsibility. Under 16 years old Zhao Hua, Liu is an act of theft, not criminally responsible. Reporter Peng Yu correspondent Fu Minglan Peng Yubin
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