some do not have this habit
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‘s judges speak, was stabbed burglar door case no one is locked up. Once it is not locked, almost all security doors can be open with plastic sheet. Reporter has learned that many people do not lock the door different reasons: some do not have this habit, some think the trouble with a key to lock the door, some count on home man not afraid of thieves, some thought that the anti-theft door closed enough security,lancel pas cher. The master said, a lock company security doors now have anti-inserts five insurance,abercrombie france, the more common security door: the door tongue, safety locks,louboutin, day pin, ground pin, cross pin. Master Zhang said only behind closed doors and door tongue “play a role in inserts can be bypassed” for thieves,doudoune moncler, it almost did not close “,air jordan. Keyhole insert the key, locked days off, the ground pin,abercrombie, cross pin,moncler. “The most secure and convenient safety lock into the house FLAC a twist locked,louboutin pas cher, it is difficult to open.” Master Zhang said,lancel. Closed keys can not be still inserted in the lock,air jordan pas cher, otherwise the thieves at the door is very easy to use tool to open the door. Text / reporter Hung snow
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