Xuhui District. From 20
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with a white light-emitting body, sometimes quite bright, it has been hanging in the air,エアフォース1, motionless,lancel pas cher, goes so high.” At 8 pm,moncler, the public Mr,doudoune moncler. Ho call the Evening News 114 hotline,hollister france, claiming that in the cool air, when an unknown luminous object in the sky. Coincidentally,ヴィトン, 21:10, reporters received a phone call from the public Mr. Yu, Mr. Yu said he saw an unidentified luminous object in the sky of a southeast direction near Jiashan Road,peuterey, Fuxing Road, Xuhui District. From 20:40, I saw two luminous white point has been in the air. “Mr. Yu excitedly told reporters,” is certainly not the aircraft, I just saw a plane flashing red light from it after the next, the aircraft could not have been unmoving. nor the stars, it is to be larger than the stars brighter my hands telescopes see clearly, I want Observatory telescope should be able to see it. 9:00 pm 15 points, University of Shanghai Tang classmates call, said he also saw a luminous UFO in the sky on the Baoshan Campus. “There is one thing in the north-west of the sky, is not very high,モンクレール ダウン, but very bright,lancel. Linear,hollister, very short, sometimes flashes a few times, I feel a slight earth a few.”

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