‘s transition
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‘s transition, yellow full heart was very excited, but did not think the small yellow home after, but still quiet,air jordan, as his father,abercrombie france, the heart can not help but be somewhat disappointed and worried, “his condition continues later in life will be a lot of trouble”. Want their children to receive formal education later, when a reporter asked whether the small yellow willing to continue to go back to school when he still did not speak,louis vuitton outlet, seemed noncommittal, but Huang best that he must go to school to receive formal education. “Now we are also considering this matter, would have wanted him to return home to study, the tuition is cheaper, but the hometown no one to look after him,lancel pas cher, so it should stay in Guangzhou,moncler outlet.” Wong full, he also intends to let the small yellow from before yet reading in third grade to start re-read, he sent back the original Longhai nearby primary school, “he just came back and did not have time and he seriously talk about reading things, but in training camp when he was on our said to want to study hard, so let’s wait for him at home a good calm mood, over a period of time to chat with him. “It is understood that the monthly income of the yellow full couple do not add up to more than 2000, if ultimately Xiao Huang sent to school,burberry, their family living expenses plus the cost of two sons of study, will make the home economy to make ends meet, one of the issues of concern which is yellow full. Event playback, April 18,moncler, 2009 8:00 am,lancel, Luo Chengzhen couple holding daughter just turned one hundred days Huanhuan grocery shopping on the way home,doudoune moncler, after Tun Road, Dongfeng Village Markey Street, suddenly half a red brick from high-altitude flying, just hit the baby girl’s head caused his death. It was only after the police investigation found that the perpetrators of the original one as young as 12-year-old boy Xiao Huang, his third-grade dropout country boys at home,air jordan pas cher. At the time, he was on the rooftop to play with the 6-year-old cousin and a 1-year-old half-brother, missed threw the brick hit the baby girl. 1 point 2 points 3 points 4 points 5 points
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