the Luogang a company engaged in hog
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‘s Open Day, for the first time to the enterprise, “the Franco-Prussian employees steal corporate property in the end Theft related crimes,エアジョーダン, violating commercial secrets Yesterday afternoon,peuterey, the Attorney Open Day activities organized by the Guangzhou Luogang District Procuratorate, to the promotion of the responsible person within its jurisdiction a number of 500 enterprises scene literacy. Luogang It is reported that as the Development Zone, studies on the dangers of many of the top 500 enterprises, Luogang District Procuratorate held according to the characteristics of the special “prosecutorial Open Day this kind in Guangzhou for the first time. At the meeting,モンクレール, the hospital also announced the typical cases handled by the year 2011. February 22, 2011, Luogang District Procuratorate Luogang District Branch, Agricultural Bank of China, the former governor Zhou Donghua, Account Manager Tang Jianwei alleged corruption case on file for investigation. Been identified, the end of 2002 to April 2007, Zhou Donghua, Tang Jianwei advantage of his office, misappropriation solicit depositors from Changping, Huangpi village Sansha deposits (land compensation) to the Agricultural Bank of China account, the total amount of RMB 59,バーバリー.5 million yuan. The case to the the Huangpi village’s three economic and social caused economic losses of more than 4700 million,lancel pas cher, more than 1,700 villagers reacted very strongly. At present,lancel, the case has been Guangzhou Procuratorate to the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court proceedings. In January 2012, the Agricultural Bank of China and Huangpi village mediation agreement is reached, will pay the the Huangpi village for weeks, Tang two suspected corruption over 4700 million economic losses,moncler, the safeguarding of the interests of the farmers. After investigation, the ancient days of China, Zhang Xinming Zhong wood root such as 13 per capita for the original Luogang district of the village, community cadres, during his tenure, the ancient days of China and other 13 village cadres utilization management, custody village, community land acquisition and compensation models of duties convenience repeatedly deposited into the village,peuterey outlet, community land compensation to the Agricultural Bank of China Luogang sub-branches, and repeatedly received the branch president Zhou Donghua, Account Manager Tang Jianwei Huisong RMB total of more than 540,000 yuan. Luogang District Court of the ancient days of China 13 per capita to make the guilty verdict. In another case, Guangzhou, Guangdong through Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. (the Luogang a company engaged in hog) on ​​March 21 last year, 24 with clenbuterol ractopamine fed pigs sold to Conghua City,hollister france, the self-employed,doudoune moncler. Thereafter, the batch of pigs is Conghua, Guangzhou authorities were detected to contain clenbuterol. March 25, Guangzhou Agricultural Standards and Monitoring Center identification materials manger recognized in Unitoll extracted is trough water clenbuterol were detected in samples of feed ingredients. Subsequently, Luogang District Procuratorate approved the arrest of Chang Chun Wang, Li Kui quickly suspected of producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crimes. Eventually defendant Chang Chun Wang (the legal representative of the company), LI Kui (The company farms head of the farm) Court production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes, sentenced to two years six months, one year and six months .
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