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Congressional Brinkmanship Threatens Economic Recovery         One Year Later, Some Upside to America’s Debt Downgrade         Rob Portman and Kelly Ayotte Sink Law of the Sea Treaty             In the run up to Wednesday’s vote in the U
Rick Perry’s Nuclear ‘War with the Federal Government’ - Scott Galupo (usnews It requires huge concessions from government unionsS They lostǩ: So, I think what has to happen is the charges have to be clear, we have to have our day in court and then let’s deal with the process and how the system is working or not working Read more about Michigan
  Read more about conservatives Having dismissed or re-imagined the legacy of Vietnam, Petraeus and his co-generationists are fated to deepen interagency efforts that, like CORDS, are capable of yielding tactical victories at best What has been missing, say many analysts, has been the development of what former House Speaker Newt Gingrich once called “an agenda worth voting forhtml She’s unable to articulate much about her policy on oil or name a Supreme Court decision she disagrees with besides Roe As I have written before, Petraeus is an impressive figure who many thought could be the next Dwight Eisenhower”,uggs outlet;Indeed the suggestions that the timing of the suit was something other than coincidental have produced angry denunciations from many quarters, including from President Barack Obama himself who has categorically denied that any collusion between the SEC and the White House had taken placeģ
Reporters, If Barney Frank Made You Cry, Suck It Up - Susan Milligan (usnews
[“Winston Churchill, newly installed as prime minister, met with his French counterparts, one of whom made the divisive suggestion that the ad hoc British fleet would not also rescue what remained of the French army (And don’t think that as a blogger I’m not delighted to have her back in the spotlight