the entire website main colors are blue
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cottage Naval Hospital. The reporter found that this hospital is a private hospital, much better than this “dress” is not illegal. ● Reporter reporter visited the publicity with a “military” flavor experts in uniform seen in the zone Kechuang two roadside roadside a white background in blue sign that read “Beijing Military Changhai Hospital,abercrombie. Next to a blue and white badges, militarized management “under the word” forbidden whistle ban cornering “logo. The hospital outpatient front bristling flag, the flag of the Red Cross flag and the hospital,mercurial. Hospital emblem Blue on White, the middle of five red star and a blue anchor pattern. The reporter went to sea Hospital of Beijing Military. Entrance placed several billboards, above some hospital experts Introduction. Reporter saw, experts on billboards, several wearing a green military uniform, and no shortage of “Military Region in the Introduction, the word” forces “,” rank “,” Naval Hospital. Reporters in the military Changhai Hospital website see website page header is a picture of warships, the entire website main colors are blue, white. Dean Liu Junsheng, called in a military hospital of Shenyang Military Region and Dean, deputy division-level officers and the rank of colonel. Time, a third class three times awarded the second class. Changhai Hospital of Beijing Military Distinguished Senior Expert Guo Xiaoqi, director of the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region. “While the reporter learned from the Beijing Military General Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Guo Xiaoqi really was a director of obstetrics and gynecology, but have left over the years, and now has Not in the Military General Hospital. However, this looked very “military” flavor hospital, but many residents jokes cottage Naval Hospital, because no one has never seen the army doctor access. The hospital admitted private characteristics the gynecological outpatient building Andrology very quiet, in addition to the reception stage wearing a dark red uniforms,abercrombie france, neck lines scarf like “stewardess” reception staff rarely see staff or patients. Environment do not see the feeling of the military hospital. According to the reception staff, the hospital is a general hospital, but the characteristics of the project andrology and gynecology. However, the reception staff acknowledged that the hospital is a private joint-stock hospital does not belong to the military. As many experts are wearing uniforms, the staff explained that this is because there are a lot of experts out from the army. But the so-called “militarization management” is not the military set up is not clear. Leaflets get from the hospital, the hospital under the name of nonprofit hospitals “, but” non-word has been a pen to obliterate. In Reporter Liangmingshenfen want to ask hospital administrators on issues related to the hospital and did not interview. ● the related statement limit line no validity mistaken need military consultations reporters from the development zone traffic team learned that Kechuang Second Street does not belong to the military administrative zone, did not have any limit line. Its hanging militarized management than the more formal “military management” sign of the word, belongs to the hospitals themselves hanging,louboutin pas cher. Military Changhai Hospital, the approving authorities in Daxing District Health Bureau of Medical Affairs Section, said that the institutional conditions and personnel conditions are in line with military Changhai Hospital, Daxing District, set up medical institutions following a necessary condition “, and therefore it can not be regarded as violations. Large Ka LLP Marfan hoon lawyer said this morning that the trademark law provisions may cause consumers misidentification trademark prohibited to be registered, but not defined in the Company. As long as the hospital comply with the relevant provisions of the license after approval of the health sector, the name of the hospital are legal,abercrombie. If there is a mistaken suspect, negotiated settlement only by the military and the health sector. Text / intern reporter party Shuai
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