the defendant Lin Ming said appeal.
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‘s Court of first instance verdict, the defendant Lin Ming guilty of intentional homicide crimes,moncler, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life,peuterey outlet. The Court found, during the summer of 2004, Lin Ming Henan Institute of Science and Technology students ZHOU Chun-mei via online chat after their love, after ZHOU Chun-mei break off, Lin Ming decided to retaliate ZHOU Chun-mei, ZHOU Chun-mei of ideas and produce kill. October 21,バーバリー, 2008, Lin Ming from Shanghai to Xinxiang,lancel, Henan Institute of Science and Technology in front of a supermarket to buy a fruit knife,doudoune moncler, at 7 o’clock in the evening of 22 October 2008, ZHOU Chun-mei Pianzhi Westlands Avenue and Dongming Avenue intersection, armed with a knife toward ZHOU Chun-mei neck,hollister france, face and stabbed several knives,スパイク サッカー, ZHOU Chun-mei died on the spot. The case of the former, in order to find ZHOU Chun-mei’s “whereabouts”, Lin Ming had recourse to friends, friends to help carry out the “human flesh search” finally got the specific whereabouts of the week,hollister. The court, after hearing that the defendant Lin Ming’s behavior constituted intentional homicide, and then made the decision in accordance with the law,エアジョーダン. After the verdicts, the defendant Lin Ming said appeal,lancel pas cher.
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