What is the Best Elmore Leonard Film?
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You can just say the title if you want, but we want to know why a particular film is the best.

Is it just a good film on its own merits?

Is it a good Elmore Leonard adaptation.

Do you just like a particular actor or actress?

I’m sure you will have more reasons.

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I thought Jackie Brown was a very good film on its own and it felt alot like a Leonard story just like Justified does. I havent read novel version of Jackie Brown but i know it clearly it captured EL style. 

I dont like any of the other films as good Elmore Leonard film.  All the others are too hollywood like,flashy,not smart,good enough dialouge,story wise.

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JACKIE BROWN is about the best adaption from book to film that I have seen, so far.  HOMBRE and GET SHORTY are tied for runner up.
I think the reason JB works the best is due to Tarantino’s script and casting of the actors.  It makes me wonder why QT hasn’t adapted
other novels by Elmore to film, or other novelist’s that he is a fan of.  Every time I see JB the other less successful adaptions come to
mind.  How difficult can it be?  Producers buy the novel, then proceed to goof on it. Amazing.

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I haven’t seen it.

Here is a YOUTUBE clip of the making of THE MOONSHINE WAR.

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I have trouble coming up with a bad one.  Jackie Brown, Get Shorty, Last Stand at Sabre River, Valdez is Coming, Hombre.  I can watch them all multiple times and still get something new.