Time’s bullsh*t
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You can read that Time is bullshit or in the possessive tense, Time’s bullshit.

I don’t know about Justified, but Out of Sight is not the only film that nailed Mr. L: Get Shorty is still the best one did it. Then there’s Hombre, fleshing out the original by nailing the setting. Paul Newman didn’t hurt it none, either. While Mr. L might drool over Clooney, let’s face it; Clooney’s a poor man’s Paul Newman.

Eastwood and Bronson both captured Mr. L’s dry humor just fine. How about Sheider in 52 Pick-up? Just fine.

And it’s not just the humor, but the common-sense actions his characters take (okay, except for maybe a train-through-a-saloon): If getting in the back of the car works, it works.

Karens Sisco was fine, too, just went off-track there in the middle but was back in-line before they pulled the plug. Gugino and Forster’s father/daughter act was pitch-perfect.

There’s been terrible adaptations, but plenty good ones and maybe a handful of better-than-good.

Out of Sight, Get Shorty and Hombre, perfect.

But then perfection can be overrated. Get you killed, just ask Jesus.

Hale needs to go back to Film school.