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I put this request up on Facebook.  I thought I would try it here, too.  Look below to see the responses I got

Folks, this is Gregg. I need blurbs (testimonials) from ordinary folks (fans) about Elmore Leonard and his work. This is for a special project for the publisher. Something short and pithy, think Twitter length. I give you Mike Lupica’s quote as an example: “The next best thing to reading Elmore Leonard is re-reading him.” I’m sure you’ll say some groovy things. Thank you

Charles Bane Jr “Elmore Leonard’s writing is the carbonation of American fiction”.

Paul Sherman “As much fun as a perp walk—and less messy!”

John Bravender You don’t read an Elmore Leonard book, you experience it.

Tim Parker “Like overhearing an intriguing conversation and getting to find out what happens next!”

Matthew Fox freaky- deaky

Sean Sullivan Gangsters, scam artists, thieves, drug users, gun runners, lawyers…...Mr. Leonard serves up the underbelly of American society for all to enjoy!

Terry Grady Dutch can grab hold of even the most ordinary character and squeeze out something wildly extraordinary.

Jennifer Scanlan Elmore Leonard lets me live with people who listen to the devil on their shoulder and some who occasionally shrug him off, always with unexpected results.

Pete McDonald Millions of words later, he’s never once made it sound like writing..

Dennis Kearns Leonard gets Detroit and after reading him you will too.

David Demaere Characters and dialogue. No one is better.

Hollymae Smith When I read his books, I am so there. And he offers a lot of different “there’s”.

Ron Rushworth Elmore Leonard’s style of writing provides this reader with everything I need and nothing I don’t.

Lenny Funk Simply the Greatest Crime Fiction writer EVER…‘nuff said.

Jane Leonard Jones How about: the best thing to having Elmore Leonard as a father is having Elmore Leonard making up bedtime stories.

Dean Owen His bad asses never set out to be deliberately funny but are consistently hilarious.

Alastair Murdoch EL’s writing is like a snub nose revolver. Yeah, he conceals it with ease, but you know he’s got it, and you better respect it.

Joe Clifford Faust Elmore Leonard is an American treasure.

Kenny Tiranno It just doesn’t get any better than Elmore Leonard. It’s hard to top Lupica’s quote as it says it all.

Ruth Baxter I used to read Elmore Leonard out loud while I was nursing my babies. I kind of hope they didn’t understand me—but I kind of hope they did.
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Bob Coleman An Elmore Leonard book is a cool, lean, precise package of excitement you unfold rather than just open.

Chuck Brewer Takes your mind on vacation and brings it back tanned and refreshed.

John M Amatangelo Ever since the first page of the first Elmore Leonard book I read, I’ve been hooked. I’ll read anything he writes. The subject doesn’t even matter.

Jeremy Clarke swiftly and deftly defines his characters who then drive plots forward in often unexpected - but always satisfying - directions.

Rick Kowalski NO ONE! and I mean NO ONE! creates “real life characters”
like Dutch! If the cover says Elmore Leonard…. I’m reading!

Debby Clawson Johnson Kelly Barr. Louly Brown. Karen Sisco. Dawn Navarro. I want to be an Elmore Leonard woman when I grow up.

Daniel Lloyd For Fantasy there’s Tolkien, for Crime/Mystery there’s Elmore Leonard

Daniel Lloyd Elmore Leonard is the Shakespear of Mystery Writing

Daniel Lloyd Elmore Leonard is to Mystery writing what Jesus was for Christianity (...Lord and Saviour)

Daniel Lloyd If I was the FBI, I’d be watching Elmore Leonard like a hawk. He knows the criminal mind and the criminal world far too intimately to be making the stuff up.

Benedict Smith I never met an Elmore Leonard book I didn’t like.

Alastair Murdoch You could spend millions building a recording studio that captures what EL’s ear picks up, or that reproduces such authentic voices. Or you could maybe buy a bridge in Brooklyn.

Mark Young Elmore Leonard novels grabs you and never let’s go till the last page.
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Gina G. Scala Reading a Dutch novel is like sitting at a bar recalling old times with a good friend.

Chelcy Hall E.L. somehow channels the voice of that mysterious relative your family only spoke of in whispered tones
Chelcy Hall E.L. gives everyman a chance to peek onto the mean streets he otherwise wouldn’t visit

Chelcy Hall Good guys who have lost their place and Bad guys who sceming to find theirs. E.L. let’s the the street sort it out

Chelcy Hall People you know and places you go. E.L. connects the dots like an old school detective, but makes you laugh every step of the way

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Elmore Leonard is the Willie Mays, the Magic Johnson, of fiction writers. He’s got it all; the no-bullshit prose, the humor, the world-famous dialogue. No one can carry his jock.

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Reading an Elmore Leonard book is like sitting in your favourite bar, with your best friend while they tell you the greatest story they know.

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“Elmore Leonard is as cool as his characters”

“If you like getting straight to the point, read the first chapter of an Elmore Leonard book”

“Leonard is the coolest writing time machine, from the Hot Kid to Be Cool”

that’s all that came to me, Im happy to form part of the Dutch Forum, just joined, look forward to having fun here, thanks for the opportunity Gregg

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