Time mag invites questions for EL
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As part of his media rounds for Justified, the author/exec producer will be featured soon in one of the newsweekly’s “10 Questions” quick reads.

The mag began soliciting Qs here on Feb. 5: http://10questions.time.com/2010/02/05/ask-elmore-leonard/

You also can see—and perhaps even shout out answers to—those posted so far by readers in London, Beijing, Illinois and Florida.


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Who gets to inform that woman who lives along the Detroit River that Elmore Leonard did not write WHISKEY RIVER?  Loren Estleman penned that novel some years back.

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My submitted question:

That train going through the saloon in Joe Kidd, original part of you script, your idea, or something someone tacked in?

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My Favorite Questions:

<< Elmore, I must apologize to you, but I don’t see where I can in-put this. Maybe you could pass it on, since it is a crime. I own a 2000 toyota Camry and I have proven to my self that in the event my accelerator were to become jammed, all that I must do is put the gear selector in neutral and turn off the key. This works and I wonder why it is never mentioned in the Toyota mysteries. If you could pass it on, it may save some lives. Phil >> California

<< Mr. Leonard, Whom from your characters you would invite to your family barbecue? (something like: “Hey,Chili, don’t use too much “chili”! Karen,stop do it! It’s barbecue time! You can arrest Foley later.”) And whom never?(“Sorry, Ordell, you are out of list. Nothing personal. What is there in your arm? “Beretta”? Okay, Ordell, welcome to the party!”) And the main thing: Mr. Leonard, thank you for great pleasure and inspiration. To enjoy your novels is sufficient reason to live. My best wishes to you and your family. >> Russia

<< Does complex reading have a future? Would you consul creative types to graphic novels? >>  Canada

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