Why Gregg smiles: 1 personal inspiration
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Off-topic, ‘tis true . . . and one that I trust won’t embarrass our Super Admin too much.

A DetNews interview today with author/blogger/national advice columnist Amy Alkon, a Farmington Hills emigre to LA, includes this:

There is such a thing as Midwestern decency. My boyfriend (of seven years) is from Detroit. (He’s Elmore Leonard’s researcher.) I just wasn’t about to put up with some of the stuff that I saw from these Hollywood guys. People would brag to me that they were unethical. And I would think, ‘You think that this makes me like you more and want to date you?

Initial hesitation about posting this evaporated upon seeing that Amy is on Gregg’s personal site blogroll and pictured there with acclaimed architectural photographer Balthazar Korab at Christine and Elmore’s 2004 Christmas soiree. http://greggsutter.com/wordpress/?p=85

A fetching current portrait is attached . . . and here’s a link to today’s short piece promoting the Advice Goddess’ new book from McGraw-Hill, I See Rude People: One Woman’s Battle to Beat Some Manners into Impolite Society: http://bit.ly/5BKqhB

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