Which title do you prefer for Elmoreā€™s FX series that debuts next spring
Fire in the Hole 3
Lawman 2
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Fire in the Hole or Lawman?
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What title do you prefer for Elmore’s FX TV series starring Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens?

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LAWMAN sounds like it should star Chuck Norris.  This week’s special guest is Ernest Borgnine as Chuck’s long lost father.

Call it FIRE IN THE HOLE or RIDING THE RAP or Elmore Leonard’s LAWMAN at least.

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Fire in the Hole. It’s a no-brainer.

Lawman is too generic, has no edge.

I’d say the same thing had Elmore’s title been Lawman.

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Hate to be the voice of dissent but I think ‘Lawman’ has that olde worlde feel that I associate with Givens, he’s a traditional crime fighter who does what it takes, he’s not a title he’s a Lawman.
I always thought Fire In The Hole was a bit of a pun to do with the mining town in the story as well as the volatile nature of the character?