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Hi - I saw “Killshot” - the 84-minute version - in South Africa recently. While it was no “Out of Sight”, “Jackie Brown”, “Get Shorty” or “Last Stand a Saber Ridge”,  it certainly did not deserve to get distributionally shafted the way it did (didn’t “Stick” get a theatrical release? And that movie really was a pile of shit). Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke were perfectly cast as Carmen and Armand. Joseph Gordon Levitt (so good in “The Lookout”), unfortunately, wasn’t quite on the money as Richie Nix and Rosaria Dawson, although not bad in the part, was totally miscast as Donna. Hal Holbrook was awesome in his cameo and the film started with such promise. I got the feeling the writers, actor and director etc had respect for the material, and there were moments that brought the book to life and made me feel I was in Elmore Leonard territory.       
Ultimately, there was a fair amount of cool stuff in the flick (eg, the killing in the swamp, nice locations, good photography), but I think it was screwed up in the editing room. I’d love to see a longer version, because I think Johnny Knoxville as the creepy FBI agent was good casting. But then what do I know. Still, I’m very glad I saw the film on the big screen and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it - there’s a good picture in there somewhere). SoI’d recommend to any genuine Elmore Leonard fans. 

Best of all, however, it got me to re-read “Killshot”. Hell, I loved it all over again.
Sorry about what’s to follow, but give a hardcore fan his moment. Some years ago a dear friend of mine named Lew Elias (now deceased - he was an old time journalist with a broken back, great taste in books ‘n sleaze and a subtle passion for silver bongs) introduced me to Mr Leonard’s novels (we were both fans of the late, great Donald Goines). It was the start of a spectacular love affair. These books have given me such pleasure - even in the darkest times of my fucked-up life. From Freaky Deaky to Pronto to Cuba Libre to Riding the Rap to Mr Paradise to The Hot Kid and everything else of Mr Leonard’s I’ve managed to lay my hands on, it’s been an absolute joy. I cannot even begin to describe how much entertainment these wonderfully written books and their fascinating, funny, scary, sleazy and oh so human characters have given me. Due to my relative poverty, I’ve had to search for them in libraries, flea markets and second hand bookstores in South Africa, and that in itself has been a blast. 

Thank you Mr Leonard, not only are you one-of-a- kind -  you truly are the King of Pulp Fiction.

PS. What happened to the Coen brothers flick of Cuba Libre (with George Clooney) which was once touted as being just around the corner.

Regards - Grant Aubin, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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man i have to browse this area more often.

great stuff here that’s missed when linking right to the main forum…

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grant aubin - 08 February 2009 03:55 PM

  a dear friend of mine named Lew Elias (now deceased - he was an old time journalist with subtle passion for silver bongs) .

Sounds like my kind of guy.

Last I heard, the Coen Brothers were fixin to remake “True Grit” with Jeff Bridges…As for Clooney, he should’ve wrapped up the Road Dogs movie by now. But according to Elmore, he doesn’t want to play Jack Foley anymore, which is a massive blunder on George’s part, in my opinion. 

I’ll give Killshot another viewing if the extended version is ever leaked. They tried, but it appears Miramax dropped the ball big time. But I’ll defer to Gregg Sutter on that one.

Great post, by the way.