A Tip to Posters
Posted: 17 October 2006 04:45 AM   [ Ignore ]
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For the time being here is a tip which will avoid some frustration when attempting to post. This works for me.  Let me know if it does or doesn’t work for you.

Simply put, if when you click “submit post” the browser fails to finish, it will appear that the post has not gone through and the browser is hung.  The post has gone through.  Click The Dutch Forum Link on the top and navigate to the forum posts.  You will see your post.  Try it.

The reason that the browser is hanging is due to some insidious invasion deep within the bowels of my site/server.  When I discovered this problem I started to understand the degree to which spammers will go, in their campaign to screw up a given website.

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It seems to be working just fine now.  Only a slight delay (<10 sec, could be better) before returning to the forum/thread.