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Anybody got an opinion about the Karen Sisco TV Series which ABC prematurely pulled the plug on in 2004?

Should it be brought back as the author of this article suggests?


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I would like to see a Karen Sisco TV show, but only if it was on a cable network and could use the right language and situations, as they say. (sorry, I didn’t read the article, maybe it said that).

There’s a lot of Elmore Leonard stuff that would make for great TV, but only on cable where it wouldn’t be so heavily censored.

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Always liked Carla Gugino ... a lot. And Forster is always himself, which is good.
But it all depends on the writing. Even good actors look bad with bad writing. If they can catch Elmore’s spirit of seeing things like the characters see things, and letting them wise-mouth or even just talk as they do, about what they talk about, well maybe. But if you can get Gugino, what’s not to like? I agree the climate now is about stronger, more active women, as Holly Hunter and Kyra Sedgwick do so well in The Closer and Saving Grace. Not sure Carla is in their league, though.

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I caught a few episodes of that show when it was on, maybe all of them(?), and while they were fun to watch, it’s no surprise the show didn’t make it.  It must not have been cutting edge enough (I haven’t read the article either) to compete with everything else on the tube back then.  I agree that it could catch a second wind on a cable network, give it that certain ‘edge’ it would need today.  Karen and her dad were a fine team, but the show had that ‘Magnum PI’ feel to it that was already way past being played-out by then.  The wiseguys and criminal element always kept the series light and fun, though.

Loved Gugino in that Mickey Rourke fantasy flick.  Oooh, baby.