“The Treasure Of Mungo’s Landing”
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I can not hype the Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard enough. 

Here is a short list of the reasons to purchase the paperback when it comes out later this year:

1)  A great newly discovered story, “The Treasure of Mungo’s Landing”, is classic western.  It is not in the hardcover.  You get the good guy, bad guy, and a love interest.  This is his last western story written in the 50’s.  He has only written three more western short stories.  By the way, this story has a showdown.  Shouldn’t they all.  Well, maybe not all westerns.  Right, Mr. Valdez?

2)  The development of an American Master is at your fingertips.  The Elmore Leonard voice starts in Arizona not Detroit or Florida.

3)  Does it get any better than western bravado?

4)  “3:10 to Yuma”, a story in the collection, is being made into a movie with Russell Crowe and Batman Begins’ Christian Bale.

5)  The original version of the movie is a classic.

6)  Did I mention the western bravado?

Pick up the original hardcover now if you don’t own it.  You don’t know what your missing.