Rules of the Site
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Site Etiquette

This website is designed and operated by Gregg Sutter under authority granted by Elmore Leonard, Inc. 

Elmore Leonard is not involved in any aspect of the creation, maintenance or editing of this website.

The purpose of this site is to provide, over time, a definitive resource of Elmore Leonard?s life and work for fans, buyers and scholars.  As such, I am interested in ways to improve the site and answer your questions.  E-mail me any question you have about Elmore Leonard or the Site, or leave a comment in the Dutch Forum.  I will answer any question to the best of my ability. 

We value your communications with us.  However, we must ask you to exercise common courtesy. 

This site is not a conduit to contact Elmore Leonard.  He has a publisher and an agent—contact them.  At their request, I do not give out their contact information so if you have business to conduct with them, you will know how to get a hold of them.  Remember, this site is an end in itself, it?s not the office.  None of the requests below will be forward.  These items have been refined from hundreds of e-mails to the site.

Please don?t ask:

For Elmore Leonard?s Mailing Address.

To Contact Elmore Leonard Via E-Mail.

To Forward Messages To Elmore Leonard.

To Send Elmore Your Book Or Screenplay For a Blurb.

For Advice On Writing Your Book Or Screenplay.

For An Elmore Leonard Autograph, Picture or Book.

For Elmore Leonard To Develop Your Idea Or Collaborate With You.

To Audition For One Of Elmore Leonard?s Movies.

To Contact Elmore Leonard About A Speaking Engagement.