Hombre and the meaning of “sacrifice”
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Administrator and others:

One of my favorie Western movies and books of all time is Hombre. One reason for this is the intense and powerful ending when Hombre inadvertently sacrificed himself to save others who did not deserve his sacrifice.

I wonder if Mr. Leonard has ever spoken or written about the creative process involved in this story?

Also, I wonder if the allegory to Christ’s sacrifice was intentional? In fact, the ending of this story has made me think about the meaning of sacrifice in ways I did not appreciate before. (Please don’t get me wrong; I am not here to discuss Christianity per se). It is just that the allegory, intentional or not, came across to me very strongly.

Lastly, how should I go about asking Mr. Leonard these questions if he has not touched upon them in a public forum before?

Thank you very much for your help