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’ grave,moncler outlet, Liu Rao presented the aging knees kneeling down late three decades incense, the family thought he has already died for the country 67 years ago as he established a small grave. The Golden Triangle Guangxi Mix veteran Liu Rao, the 94-year-old veteran has been able to go home because of a chance meeting,モンクレール ダウン. More than two years ago, a Guangxi friends go to the Golden Triangle Tourism encountered Mr. Liu, learned that Liu hit Japan five years, three years in Vietnam, and then fleeing the Golden Triangle. When night fell, the old man sitting alone Looking doorstep. When parting, the old man wrote home address, writing at the side shook his head, can not find, can not find. At that time, Liu Rao Zhou Jian see elderly people live in the house and eat something pressing home style and construction of taste. Dream in order to round the elderly home, after various efforts, especially the strong support of the Consulate of Chiang Mai, the Thai Volunteer Relay in August 2011, has finally found its home of relatives, and Mr. Liu got home certification . Home: Fusui East Gate Town, the Old Town Village (formerly Nanning, Guangxi Sui Lu County). Liu Rao 1939 conscription into the army and the 6th Army tentatively numbered 55 division 82 mortars even soldiers in 1941 set off Myanmar anti-Japanese, collapsibility incorporated 93 teachers war Artillery battalion stationed in the car Buddhism sea, the victory of the war in China and Burma and Thailand old to make a living along the border, now living in Mae Salong, Thailand, has so far held refugee cards issued by the Government of Thailand, stateless, and his wife for the Myanmar people, married for nearly 60 years, Mr. Liu, been away 72 years, but will still speak Cantonese never thought the opportunity to be able to return home. The bumpy road home was finally able to go home to the New Year, the day before, Liu Rao volunteers,hollister france, who came to the Chiang Mai airport, in order to go home, the elderly must be subjected to the most convenient, start Chiang Mai flew to Kunming and then transfer to Nanning,moncler. Home,hollister, this is 72 years later another expedition Expeditionary Force veteran Liu Rao. Boarding accident, the the elderly year is thinking old people,グッチ 財布, nor where to go, so I did not apply for a Thai ID card, has been held by the refugee card, until today. Encounter problems when departing from Thailand Chiang Mai, once not out off, thanks to the co-ordination of the Consulate General of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, eventually perfected this longest way back home. Volunteers home, accompanied by Liu Rao said, they moved deep sense of nostalgia for the elderly, Liu Rao not eat Thai food, drink porridge; breakfast the next morning we eat Thailand face do not eat eat dumplings, Liu Rao, the end, we want to Liu Rao, he has chosen to tea drink coffee. Too old, Liu Rao before departure in accordance with the provisions do a physical examination results, the elderly body is very tough, the entire process without a wheelchair,エアフォース1, a blood test when a tight fists,ヴィトン. See this scene, the presence of volunteers have moved. 12:00 yesterday, the old man finally reached the Nanning airport, out of the airport of the moment, see specially prepare their own flowers and red carpet, Liu Rao finally could not help but shed tears. The 90-year-old sister, just hold the hands of her brother’s home, sat for three hours by car from the Nanning airport departure. In the Old Town Village, Liu Rao folks early in the morning on busy, ready for a family dinner and firecrackers, like to meet a great hero, like to greet the wanderer’s return. Zhongshan Memorial Hall entrance in the village, the Old City, the hometown specifically for Liu Rao wrote a couplet, “young and vigorous Expeditionary exotic battle-iron clothing pieces, the twilight celebration Brideshead still recall the fragrance, the scroll reads,” veterans home. Liu Rao, a 90-year-old sister, under the arm of the crowd had been standing to welcome the very center of the crowd, and so a long time, some people advised her in a rest, but she persisted in his refusal. Liu Rao family life difficult, three nephew’s home village of the poorest are borrowing through the day to go home, but in order to meet the uncles, deliberately borrow money to prepare a hearty family dinner. 16:00, veterans finally home,グッチ, lively lion dance and the thunder of firecrackers, and the scene is like playing a victory after the Arc de Triomphe. A veteran of the Old Town Village to meet Liu Rao Whampoa sixteen trainees at the scene yesterday to the young people to listen to chant anti-Japanese songs. Most moving scenes, of course, recognize each other brother and sister, “This is your sister, your sister-in-law,”, Liu Rao gestures down everyone see the 90-year-old sister, already not remember each other’s appearance, but the two old hands tightly pull. Thicker than water, so the scene many people were moved to tears. Under everyone’s arm, Liu Rao stepped into the house he had lived in the old house is still still, now, no one living inside filled with debris. The face of the graves, kneeling but kneeling down most of the old city of villagers,doudoune moncler, Liu Rao and she speaks fluent Cantonese, the Sino-Japanese War, the Old Town Village all speak Cantonese, but after speaking people increasingly less. Six elderly people speak Cantonese in the village also died. Worship, Liu Rao home the biggest wish. Sister, sister-in-law and three nephews and Tong nephew’s arm, the old man came to the grave of the parents, lit three incense, Liu Rao stood long before the stone tablets inscribed with the parents’ names, he once wanted to kneel aging knees will not allow him to do so. In these circumstances, “veterans home” Sun Chunlong, promoters, said he remembered a poem Lung’s “When his grown old, he can hometowns are still mountains and rivers, spring is still just parents grave in the deep grass, elderly stiff knees, unable to bow down. “not far from Liu Rao parents grave, an obscure grave, Liu Rao’s grave. Original when Mr. Liu’s family thought he has long been loyal to the country and never come back, in order to stand a small grave, has been in 67 years.

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